Similarities to 2016 Tiger-Cats

I’ve gone back and compared the 2016 season and the 2018 season,
and there are a lot of similarities.

    2016  -  2018

Records: 7-11 - 9-9 or 8-10

Playoffs: East Semi Final vs Crossover

Injuries: Owens - Banks
Tasker Saunders
Fantuz Williams
Jones Chambers

Both teams ('16 and '18) underachieved in my opinion.

The point I’m trying to make is, we’ve been here before.

In 2016 we had
Toliver - Tyms - Banks - Elliot - Watt

This year we have

Buren - McDaniel - Sinkfield Jr - Tasker - Jones
(with Toliver seemingly tweeting recently that he is likely returning to the field soon!)

The fact is we lost by 3pts to a pretty good Eskimos team in '16, so we will have to play better against BC but I don’t think the season is lost based on injuries.

We’re hosting a playoff game. The Grey Cup has not been won yet. We need to win three playoff games that’s it, throw everything else away.

In 2016 we had four receivers on pace for 1,000 yards. Three of them went down before the playoffs, leaving Collaros with just one of his top 4 receivers (Toliver). The fan consensus (as I’ve interpreted it) is that that was no excuse, and the playoff loss was the QB’s fault.

In 2018 Masoli has the opportunity to prove that he is the better QB, by achieving a better playoff result under very similar circumstances. I hope he does it.

The goal is attainable but are there any stats showing the last time the Ticats won 3 games in a row? I’d like to see them because my memory fails me.

Absolutely still attainable!

In fact our team won in week 11, 12 and 13. Of this very season!

I wouldn’t hang your hat on that performance, after all we squeaked by an Edmonton team that was ravaged with injuries and then beat the Arblows twice, not very impressive considering those two teams didn’t make the playoffs.

I guess I need my memory examined. Old age is no joke. For real.

Do not regret growing older, it’s a privilege denied to many .

Pat Lynch (the old guy)

Why is everyone whistling in the dark. I’ve thrown in the towel. Looking forward to next year.

GOTC1, weren't you the one who agitated and nagged about signing Sinkfield? Wasn't he to be our ticket and our ace in the hole for our run to the Grey Cup? Didn't you say that Sinkfield would be the one to bail us out if Speedy were to go down? How can you turn your back on us and on Sinkfield after all you promised if the Cats (and Tillman in particular) would only sign Sinkfield to a contract? How can you desert us now?:slight_smile:

I beleive that the combination of Speedy and Sinkfield is an unbeatable system. Speedy breaks alot
of tackles and is sure handed. Him and Tasker are the 2nd and nine specialists. Where Sink is the
first and ten, for twenty yards or more. The Cats have a hard time getting first downs off of 1st and
ten plays.
When we signed Sink, we had a healthy Banks. I was estatic with the thought of Speedy and Sink
playing together. With that offensive we were destine to make the GC.

But Sinkfield alone is only part of the equation. But a big part.
Sink needs to play a number of games to reach speedys level. And that's not possible this year.

So that's why my hopes hit bottom when Speedy went down.