similarities between the leafs and the cats.

these organizations seem to be following the same path, has anyone noticed. Not too long ago both teams hire what they believe to be up and coming GM's - Dejardins and JFJ - both GM's make terrible trades and set their teams back. Then both organizations hire an experienced gm - Obie and Fletcher. Both organizations fans are at wit's end - sick of ticket prices being increased while their play remains terrible. One thing I'm sure about is that the cats will win a championship before the leafs.

could it be the lake ontario stink getting to these GM'S ha ha ha

Well toot, one thing the Cats have going for them compared with Leafs is that we have a one person owner rather than a groupie thingy like the Leafs where decisions get bogged down in politics. Here, Bob can make decisions much, much quicker should things go astray, oops I mean as things have gone astray. :wink:

Not really comparable in my book. The Leafs are a lousy team going nowhere (saddled with big contracts for players who aren't performing, no-trade deals for too many players, too many long term deals, no young studs to build on, led by an aging veteran, an organization which makes too much money to want to change things, etc. etc...) None of these applies to the Cats.

An Argo-Cat fan

yeah, but Ti-cats fans are not as brain walshed as Lefas fans, at least we can admit when out team isnt good.

well barney… I understand where your coming from - I quess my point was that these teams put trust in young gm’s who put their teams farther behind.

Not so sure about that.

JFJ has over paid many mediocre players to the point where the cap is fairly unmanagable for Fletcher.

Marcel, on the other hand, has done wondes with the cap thus allowing Pritners to be signed.

Furgie had 4+ years as Leaf boss.

MD had just one year. He does all the hard work and then gets canned by a panicked front office that got scared by fans staying home.

But they are similar. They both hired old GM’s who haven’t had any success for over a decade.

What ???

Are You Crazy Bob was Working for BC..
He Brought in many Good Players to Them.
Wake is just one of Many.

He been very successful The past few years.

and could printers be one of those over paid guys - like mcabe, tucker, Kabina.

Hope not.

McCabe, Tucker and Kubina were never the league MVP.