Simeon Rottier

Hats off for a great game and the rest of the O-line aswell. And thanks to MB and SB for not quitting and bailing on you when more than a few wanted it.

A complete game by the offense and it started on the line.

Could not agree more, bravo Simeon, the scheme and the rest of the o-line.

And he's a prime example of why we shouldn't jump on player's backs so quickly.If it was up to most of the armchairs on here, he would've been traded or released after week 1.
Nice job Simeon!

Understatement! :wink:

much agreed i watch Simion as much as i could and i watched the O-line most of the game and it was an excellent effert on their part.


We are sometimes quick to jump on these guys when they have off days.

Simeon...and Shivers for that matter, have both played much better over the course of the last two games.

Over to you Sandro.

Yes, it was good to see Simeon play another decent game after such a disasterous start to the season. Here's hoping the entire OLine can have a good year.

Yes he did a good job and redeemed himself. But when are we going to get rid of D'angelis?

All is forgiven Rottier. As far as Sandro, well maybe he just has a curse kicking at Ivor Wynn. We'll have to see if he improves against Montreal and Sask. If he's not kicking consistently for those games, we are in big trouble.

Simeon came back and showed us what he's made of against Philip Hunt...outstanding play! This guy is sending us a message!

Let me add that Beveridge had a good game as well.

A lot of credit goes to Burrato who corrected his obvious mistakes in game one and the day Marcel makes decisions based on anything that is writen on this forum is the day he should retire.

We can just cut him and sign Medlock, his contract is too big to put up this, he's supposed to be a clutch kicker yet Marcel was afraid to try a 40 yard field goal because he didn't want to hurt Sandro's confidence even further.

Great effort the Coaching has Really Improved his Game

Even more notable was how SP/ O-line made Doug Brown, gawd's gift to football, invisible.

Indeed. Coaching should have made adjustments to Rottier in the first game. He wasn’t ready for that assignment but is showing a good ability to learn.

A far better game...some good imagination in play calls...instead of going up the middle all the time....The threat of Glenn running is a great tool (do it more)....the defence played great except for one drive...very exceptable....kicking game is suspect ??? Over-all maybe throwing the first 2 games could end up being a super wake-up call for the whole team.....we will see when we play someone else that have a"real" Mont. or Sask....keep it up!!

Good point. But after that was brought up, that was going to lead to posts about Sandro again.

There were those who wanted Ramsay to take Rottier's place, but the coaching staff seemed to know what they were doing by having him start again after that. There may be those who'd point out he was supposed to be a backup, that he's only starting because of the Jimenez injury. But that's what makes his accomplishments more impressive.

In the season opener, it looked like a good team just had a bad game. And it could be that Rottier was a good player who had a bad game. He could be a member of the Arkee Whitlock "Had a Bad First Game But Did Well After That" Club, kind of like Tony Akins career in reverse. And I know he started games before, but not at RT.

Let's hope the all-Canadian O line, and Rottier, whose addition to it made it all-Canadian, can keep it up.

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Rottier reminds me of a very young Angelo Mosca when he first started with the team. Real green, big man with a ton of potential.