Simeon Rottier

I know Simeon from Edmonton and want to keep tabs on his progress. How is he doing in training camp? I know it's early and will be checking back periodically for updates.

I have not been at camp but I have heard many things so far about Rottier and all of them are good. The most notable things are that his footwork is pretty much already at the pro level and his lateral movement is outstanding. Perfect for a OT!

Its pretty safe to say he will have a roster spot.

Great young Guy spoke to him Yesterday
He still getting use to speed of the Game.
But he said he is learning alot

He is holding his own

he was having a bit of trouble at first, but coach Gibson fixed that soon enough :thup:

This guys is going to be an outstanding player in the near future. I love the comments on this sight shows the knowledge of the Tiger cat fans should be a fun season. :cowboy:

We went to rookie camp day 1 and let me tell you, that kid can play. My better half was happy to point out that he has good lateral movement, good hands, size and speed. He mixed it up with one of the other rookies in camp and he was lined up at the weak side tackle spot. We're heading out to camp on Tuesday and we'll keep you posted.

I don't know if you read the funny little incident, MG, but some of the rookies were running laps because they were flagged for penalties and coach Bellefuille called out something like "Hey Rottier, do you have a guilty conscience? I didn't call your name".

Sounds like a team player to me. If your mates have to run a lap, YOU run a lap with them.

From the comments here, I would opine that Rottier came to play.

I plan to be at Tuesday's practice, but I notice it is scheduled to

end at 10:05am.

Chompin at the bit for the season to start!

Offensive linemen only get picked 1st overall if they are top drawer. He is..

Yes but this still a Very weak Draft Class

Why would you feel compelled to add that point??

Because he really has no football vision at all. Thinks he does but does not. All he does is just regurgitate what he hears in the media.

All it takes is for 1 or 2 players to go on and star for a decade, and a handful of others have long and productive careers and this "As advertised" weak draft class looks great!
You can not judge a draft class, especially in the CFL until many years after the fact.

Agreed .. Kid Learns well so he has shot to get better

Did Simeon play last night? Report please. I know and some of his friends. Thx for the info so far. I'm cheering for him.

Because he really has no football vision at all. Thinks he does but does not. All he does is just regurgitate what he hears in the media.
How much training camp have you been to this year?

The Draft class is immaterial to the fact that Rottier stands head & shoulders above the rest. In a stronger draft class, he would still be a top 3 pick, so that is good enough for me.
Move on....

:cowboy: :cowboy: :cowboy:

So, how has my friend Simeon looked so far? How did he fare in Game 1?

He didn't see much, if any action in game one. They want to save him until he's ready rather than just throw him into the fire to burn like we used to do. If Gauthier or Goodspeed aren't around in 2010, it's likely he's likely found himself a starting job.