Simeon Rottier Is Now Semi-Retired

Simeon Rottier retired from the Eskimos but has left the door open to returning if needed. In a statement concerning his retirement Rottier said, “Rehabbing and training over the past six months has brought me to a place where I am still not physically where I want to be to start the season … With the young talent that is coming up, I realize it’s time for me to take a step back. I will still continue training in case there is an opportunity in which I can contribute later this season.?

Rottier has been a great solider and he was a key to righting the ship for the Esks in 2012, 2013 and 2014 but has had a rough go with injuries the last few seasons. Not surprised he retired to the farm in Alberta. Then again maybe in July, August, or September if he is 100% and could fill in as needed for the Esks. This was exactly what happened last year with D’Anthony Batiste when he came in week 7 to fill in for injuries.
Esks most likely will go with 3 nationals early this year with the signing of Tom Draheim to battle for the RT spot with Kelvin Palmer. Of course, Colin Kelly is the starting LT.

Starters: LG – David Beard, C – Justin Sorensen, RG – Matt O’Donnell

Backups: C – Jean-Simon Roy, OG – Mason Woods and RG/RT – Jacob Ruby

One of Kwabena Asrae and now signed 5th rounder Curtis Krahn will be on the PR.

Ruby will ascend at some point this year, but only if Draheim and Palmer don’t work out at RT. Ruby, Woods and O’Donnell all have played RT in college. However, there is no rush with the Esks still having four nationals on defense and four nationals on offense that can be mixed and matched.
A fourth national offensive line starter would allow the Esks to go to five international receiving corps, which is obvious where the Esks are headed. Then again, they could do it at the start of the season with four nationals on defense and three nationals on the offensive line.

The Eskies are in the hunt for Justin Senior, Keiler Cherry and Simeon Rottier could still comeback after the crop is in if he is 100% healthy. Rottier platooning at RG and allowing O’Donnell to kick out to RT is a possibility. Options are a good thing and the Esks have depth and options in spades.