Simeon Rottier and the Offensive Line

Ok im sure its everyones philosophy to put your best players in to be the starters this year. With adding Simeon Rottier i think it opens a lot of doors for us. Do you think Simeon Rottier could be stronger then Marwan Hage?? If so, this is what i wouldnt mind or could see happening also:

OT: Alexandre Gauthier
OT: Dan Goodspeed
OG: Simeon Rottier
OG: Cedric Gagne Marcoux
C: George Hudson

backups: Marwan Hage, Peter Dyakowski, Gerald Davis

what do you people think of that idea?? of course if one of those players get hurt, marwan hage would go back to centre. I think George Hudson used to play really well at centre and i think just putting Simeon Rottier as a backup because he is new would be stupid. I thnk this kid really thinks he could be a starter and i actually think it could happen...i could see him as a starting OG at the beginning of the season.

He did George was all star at Stop but was so Marwan.

Hamilton has had a lot of first round/first overall picks the last few years but none of them has become an impact player yet. I think the #1 reason for that is that all of them have been thrown in and expected to turn the team around and the huge pressure wore them out. I think Bauman has the skills to be a game changing receiver and Barker will almost certainly start at safety this year but both of those come after being on the roster and learning for a year or two. I think you get the most out of the draft when you have the experienced starters up front to mentor them. The best thing for Rottier's career this year would be to backup at guard and tackle, maybe some spot duty and possibly some game time due to injuries. The Cats have amassed some of the best raw Canadian talent in the league right now so don't blow it by throwing them into the fire too soon and burning them out.

Rottier is not strong enough to play guard. Guard play is all about muscle, he's more of an agile quick guy who's a natural tackle.

LT - Goodspeed
LG - Gagne-Marcoux
C - Hage
RG - Hudson
RT - Gauthier

Goodspeed is a right tackle and Gauthier a left tackle.

Thank you for making that correction. My bad.