Simeon Rice

Any way you think this quy would ever siqn with the Lions? My friend was sayinq BC Lions should totally siqn him, but that quy doesn't know much about football.. but still, I think it'd be pretty cool if he came here

Who is he?

What position does he play?

Sportsman... he has played DE for serveral teams in the NFL, Arizona, Tampa, Denver and the Colts, don't know if he is playing this year. Anyway he is 34 and 12 yrs experience.

Thanks Leofan, goes to show how much I pay attention to the NFL.

So, to the original poster.....why would he want to come to Canada? He has probably earned an NFL pension.

Love of the game. Sure its not tons of money but it would be money playing football.

My friend was tellinq me he saw some proqram he was on and Simeon was just sayinq he wanted to play football, but no one was qivinq him a shot. (I'm assuminq a shot just at a startinq position)

the show was E:60.

They were interviewing Simeon and he said he just wants another chance to play football, apparently he is stronger and faster then he ever was.

he is twelfth on the all time sack list with 122 in 13 seasons, thats an average of over 9 sacks a season.

Bruce smith is first on the all time sack list with 200, he averaged just over 10 sacks a season.

That shows you how good Simeon Rice was.

Hmmm, well considering his age, and considering we're cutting Williams at his age, I'd say he wont be signing here.

Wally would only take a player that old if he really needed to fill a hole. Having said that there are a number of young/porous D’s around the league that could use a player of that calibre. We could even use him in Edmonton. Something’s gotta change but I like the young guys performance this year. They just need some shoring up and this could be the guy to do it.