Silver Lining

I know, we are 0-3, BUT!,

  1. We just took the best 2 teams in the league to the last play of the game with a chance to win.
  2. Our Defense looks great
  3. Banks return game gave us excellent field position on both PR and KR
  4. Fantuz and Ellingson are back
  5. Most of our games remaining are against the East teams now
  6. If MTL losses on the road in BC tonight, we are 1 game out of 1st place in the league and our game
    at Mac next Sat. could be for 1st in the east!

The problems continue with the Cats, get thing it's still early in the season to correct many of the miscues and problems on the field but many fans are getting disenchanted pretty quick with this team and much has to do with the current situation with regards to THF, although it's out of the hands of the Tiger-Cats we are supposed to be in a new stadium by next week and won't be for some time, I'm sure this has a lot to do with the current losing streak, the team must feel like a bunch of Gypsies now playing without a home field for the past year or so??

Everyone says one day but that one day has come and gone far too often so it just adds more negative vibes to the team and adds to the losing streak and how this team does, the games outside of the first against Regina have been at least close but still a loss now 0-3, frankly I don't think Masoli is ready to take over a team but neither is LeFevour and I think Austin needs to look elsewhere for someone with experience, I know it's a long shot and fans will think I'm nuts but how about a QB like Max Hall who was let go by Winnipeg the BYU product and good friends with Ben Cahoon who thinks a lot of his abilities as a QB, maybe he would fit into Austin's plans for a young QB with some CFL experience??

LMFAO!!! Max Hall ??? Yup BIGCAT You are Definitely Nuts!!! :roll: :lol: :slight_smile: I think I’d rather have Max E. Pad from FLO State as my QB :wink: :cowboy:all kidding aside,I agree that perhaps Masoli and his noodle arm isn’t the answer and we just signed yet another QB last week in Miami U graduate Jacory Harris,let’s all just hope that Collaros isn’t out for any length of time.

  1. Only 15 more regular season games to grimace through.

I kid. I think there are lots of positives, but a lot of the time, it’s still hard to watch.

WHERE STILL 0-3 With no QB

We win, Argos lose, we're in first place next week...gotta love the CFL! :thup:

This is a lot like the old, old days in the nine-team league…especially in the East. It often took until mid-season before a clear frontrunner was in place. This year, it is crystal clear to me that we won’t really know how top spot will shake down until we’re basically ending three quarters of the season. Toronto is beat up, Montreal is not cohesive on either side of the ball, and Ottawa is still the x-factor as an expansion unit. For Hamilton’s part, getting the O-line to improve and keeping Collaros in one piece is going to be vital. It is that wide open that I can still believe that a 0-3 team is still very much in the regular season mix for first place.

Oski Wee Wee,


EXACATACALY! :rockin: I've always considered (tongue in cheek, and for blood pressure reasons) to view all games till labour day still pre-season in order for them to get their "kaka"together (and a few NFL cuts), and then we take a run at a playoff spot. There's lots of historical precedent, and I know Austin will mold a killing machine; I can't wait! :slight_smile:

And Ottawa is coming in with a 1 -2 record with an experienced healthy QB with something to prove and a punishing running back also with something to prove. A defense that shut down Ricky Ray. The best team in the East right now :cry:

Ah yes, the silver lining.... Is that the colour of the seats in THF? Yes, it is for the most part. :lol:

All joking aside. I was quite impressed with our D against the Cowtowners. They played one of the best O's and limited their point total to 10. By any stretch of the imagination that is a fabulous result (even minus Cornish and Lewis).

I am concerned with the slow start once again. Last year KA was hired rather late in the off-season (the last CFL head coach hired, iirc?) so he inherited someone else' team. For this reason a slow start was to be expected. This year he does not have that excuse. I think he may be living under the glow of the GC appearance last year, knowing that he can have another slow start and still be looked at through rose coloured glasses accordingly. I have been, and will be, patient as long as I see the same sort of progression of improvement each game as we saw last year. Slipping up? Well that's a whole other kettle of fish....

Agree Hank will be playing his ass off …

Given how weak the east is this season, you guys could still easily win the division. No need to panic. And however bad you think your non-Collaros QBs are, compare them to Troy Smith and you will feel a WHOLE lot better...

You're right on that a win by the Cats against Ottawa at Mac and we are immediately back in the race of the CFL east and I agree the season doesn't really begin until Labor Day but it's nice to get in couple of wins before that time and certainly see some positives in the team and the Defence has certainly stepped up it's play keeping the Offence in games and score low but we need the execution which is not there.

I agree with Austin, any QB on the Ti-Cats who steps in is expected to Win and I don't agree with people who give excuses on playing time, if your handed the game ball you better pull out a victory or you should be riding the pine for awhile. It seems like Masoli or LeFevour just can't step up to the plate to replace Colaros, mind you when Colaros has played he hasn't been anything close to spectacular like he did last year in Toronto.

Austin should give the opportunity to McGee now, lets see what the other guy can do against Ottawa.

Wins against Ottawa and Winnipeg in a 5 days stretch and things will look a whole lot better. I believe we will win both of those games. However, should they loose even one then we will have a huge mountain to climb. I actually like our changes with our defence. Holding Calgary to 10 points as others have said even without Cornish is very impressive.

I think we'll be 2-3 in a couple of weeks!

Winning Next Week vs Ottawa is huge !!
Having T.O. lose to Saskie would be massive as well!
That would leave everyone at at least 1-3 having Toronto at 1-4
But the next Week T.O plays Montreal so we probably need to win the Winnipeg game to keep up in the race even this early !!

we’re still only 2 points out of 1st with no wins, I’m not sure if it’s the CFL, but it’s because we’re still early in the season, we better get at least 1 win before the half way point, but there is no need to panic.

He can play his ass off…there are still two issues:

  1. Which ass gets played off? Good Hank or Bad Hank…so far, the good one showed up for one-half of football this year…the first half of the first game…I like Hank, and appreciate what he did here, but I’m more scared of Walker than him.

  2. Related to point (1), here’s Hank’s stat line so far: 47 completions out of 85 attempts (55.3 % completion percentage), for 591 yards (213 of those came in the first half of game one…in the next five halves of football, he’s thrown for 378 yards…) with a long gain of 43 yards, 2 TDs, 0 interceptions (way to go Hank) and with a QB rating of 85.0 (5th in the league for QB’s throwing more than 75 passes)

So, not surprisingly, I’m not worried, no matter HOW sky-high he is…

Grover just became my favourite poster. Finally a thread that’s not only about football, but one that isn’t doom and gloom!

What is with all of these people saying to ditch Zach Collaros? The kid barely got started here. And our O line is clearly still trying to gel and get together. I remember a million people wanted the same of Burris this time last year. And oh wait, we went to the Grey Cup.

As far as "can Masoli or LeFevour do it" goes, really folks? Masoli has started one.. ONE game. LeFevour a scant number more. Before we go mortgaging the future and pulling people in as we desperately cry over an 0-3 start, how about we give the players who are here a chance?