Silver lining to last night's loss: our draft order

I believe due to losing to the Als, we now pick #2 overall in next year’s draft.

Toronto will pick #1, due to Montreal forfeiting their first round pick by taking a player in the supplemental draft this year.

We will pick last because we will win the Grey Cup. :wink:

I thought draft order was based on final regular season standings. I could be wrong.

I believe you are correct but I think the last 2 teams in the draft order are the Grey Cup participants, “irregardless” of their positions in the final standings. The Argos drafted last and Calgary 8th in the this year’s draft.

Pat Lynch (the old guy)

We’re not winning Jack Schitt. :frowning:

My row won $20 skip thd dished gift cards, they did not have enough or people took more than one. Stuff happens. Still, great of ghevteam and sponsors to do this stuff.

I, too, may be wrong on this, but I believe the draft order is the reverse of the final regular season league-wide standings, with the exception of the two Grey Cup participants, who are shifted down to be the final two teams in the draft order, with the G.C. champs being last. Ties in the standings, I believe, are broken by the same system which applies to splitting ties in final division standings.

So, if I’m correct, for the 2019 Draft, the picking order,as of now, will be: TOR, MTL, HAM, BC, EDM, WPG, OTT, SSK, CAL. Following the Grey Cup, the wining team will be moved (unless it’s CAL, already there) to last on the list, and the losing team to second-last.

And,in the first round,MTL will not pick, having selected a player in this year’s supplemental draft,and WPG, through a previous trade,has BC’s pickas well as their own.

Draft order for 2019 There are 8 picks to the first round next year.

2-Edmonton (Montreal gave up their first round pick in supplemental of Tyler Johnstone)
3-Loser of Eastern Semi-Final (Hamilton or BC)
4Loser of Western Semi-Final
5-Loser of Eastern Final
6-Loser of Western final
7-Loser of Grey Cup Championship Game
8-Grey Cup Champion

Hamilton loses to BC = Draft #3
Hamilton loses to Ottawa = #5
Hamilton loses GC game=#7
Hamilton wins GC game=#8

Hold on a minute everyone. We acquired MTL’s first-round picks in 2019 and 2020 with the JF trade.

Those first round picks are in '20 & '21