Silver lining?... kinda

The old saying every cloud has a silver lining still holds true in amongst the turbulence of this horrid season so far. As bad as this team has been this year, and as much of a supreme let down it was based on the off season hype and optimism, there is still some competition that could prove to be somewhat entertaining. We are into the august month of the season leading up to labour day (when the real teams start to pour it on). The reality is that Toronto or Hamilton could be the last playoff spot in the East (cross-over dependent). Toronto is only one win ahead of the ticats, and havent really shown much this year either. I know that the injuries they have had could be a part of that record, but there is a chance for some drama if the cats can take at least two of the 3 meetings coming up against the boatmen in the next month or so. And as a ticat fan there is always redeeming grace when the tabbies knock around the argos and either beat them out of a playoff spot or even just keep them from getting one too. Its hard to find things to cheer about this year so far, but maybe, just maybe, the ticats will take the rivalry as serious as the fans do and make those 3 games entertaining.