Silver Lining - Character Revealed

The old saying goes adversity doesn't build character - it reveals it. Being down 23-0 with no first downs in Taylor/Mosaic Field with a bye week coming up meant the TiCats could have easily gone through the motions and just mailed the second half in. As we all know that wasn't the case. Coming back to tie the game revealed tremendous character and proved this team has the heart to be champions. Often in a successful season, it's a loss such as this one that rallies the team, used as a motivation, and becomes just as significant as any win. It's up to the players in the dressing room to determine what level of success they will achieve. Based on the effort in last night's second half - anything's possible.

Very well said. I agree with you. I think a lot of other people agree too-- there hasn't been the usual post-loss spate of posts here calling for the GM, coach, QB and everyone else to be fired. Maybe we're starting to get used to being a competitive team. I think 4-3 is a pretty good record for us at this stage of the season, and with the talent and character we have now in place, we're going to continue to improve.

Glass half empty or half full??

The way the Cats showed up to not play in the first half may show that their charactor is lets not do more than we have to. Were so good we do not have to come out with our best effort.
Don't get me wrong, they were totally embarassed in the first half and came out strong in the second half. Good for them. Maybe too it was Sask. that let up a bit after allowing negative yards in the first half.

first of all that is a streatch to say that that is their mentality because they know that when they dont come out strong in the first half and mainly in the first quarter they are more likely to lose (ex. Toronto, Montreal, Edmonton and Sask.) So, they know if they play better in the first quarter that they are more likely to win games because that gives the second quarter to rip out the heart of the opposing team. as for the fact that Sask. let up, i dont think that is the greatest essumption because these are all professionals, and after Ham. scored once wouldnt they tied hamilton up right there?

Sorry BandG that is a bit of a crock as far as I'm concerned. That completely takes Sask out of the equation. Sask was well prepared and have one of the best front 4s in the league. I love how you give Sask no credit and say that we basically were loafing it in the first half, but then in the 2nd half we were only successful because they let up on us?? I really don't think so.

I have to agree, Ock. The team of the past couple of years would never have come back from that. Not even close. They could have given up, but it was obvious that they really wanted it. They fell short, but it really ticks me off when people say they didn't give their all because that's BS.

I agree with those that credit Sask for much of what happened in the first half ... The Cats ran into the "buzz saw" last night in Riderville. One of those games (at least the first half) where anyone would have had a tough time matching their output.

And I do not think this is a matter of the Cats no trying hard enough, and worse yet thinking they are good and don't have to give 100% - I see it much the opposite really. A young team, that has not had much success in the past that has finally found a way to play good football and win games - I think because of this, the coaches are keeping things pretty simple particularly in the first half and then try and adjust from there. They still appear to have the training wheels on so to speak and I think that makes perfect sense given that playing good football is still a work in progress for them. Getting blown out in the first half, and then making some adjustments and playing much better in the second half is all part of the growing pains we will probably see a couple more times this year - it's all part of the growing process.

Their going to run into another "buzz saw" in Edmonton. :oops:

Their going to run into another "buzz saw" in Edmonton. :oops:
Maybe, but they didn't have a problem taking care of them at home a couple weeks back.