Silly Tilly


Dont start this... We all know how it will turn out.

You ought to try having a few.....

Here's a thought: The Riders are not as good a football team as the Lions.

I see the eggtimer has been passed.....

The records say you are right. Who can argue? But Bouno is in what year? 5 or 6 right? Austin and Tillman are in year 1. Half a team of new players.

1 big win for BC. 1 good win for Riders in Vancouver. 1 game won by BC at the end. Both teams have important injuries. Dickenson and Peirce. They are the biggest no doubt. But so are Dominguez and 4 or 5 defense starters.

I say BC 1st and the Riders 2nd. The west final may be a great game. Don't brag to early.

Um, RLR, you are going to get your knuckles slapped by the mods for trolling on the Rider forum.

There was a rule a while ago about limiting trolling to the main forum. Don't be surprised if the mods lock or delete this.

Right you are Sportie!