Silly Ottawa - Hamilton scheduling

As has been mentioned in threads about the CFL schedule both last year - and this year - the regular season scheduling for games between Hamilton and Ottawa has been stupid.

Last season - we did not play until the last two games of the season. This year again we don't play Ottawa until back to back games in the 15th and 16th games of the 18 game season.

That's not right. There is something to be said for a more balanced schedule - such as what the Premier League use in soccer. You play the other 19 teams once in the first half of the season and again in the second half. That is a fairer schedule IMO.

But the reason for this post now - it has just been noted on the Ti-Cats board that Ottawa Redblacks have just announced that ALL their starters are staying home and will not be coming to Hamilton for the game Friday night. Why? Because their other preseason game was just on Monday night and 3 days rest is not enough.

I can't blame them for that decision but it is not a good situation for so many reasons.

I'm sure the Redblacks would prefer to get their starters more game action prior to the 'real' games start - to sharpen their timing etc.

And is not fair to Ti-Cats fans who have paid (game is a sellout) to see this game and are not going to see any starters - not even for a quarter - for the visiting team.

Grey Cup aside, I'll have only watched my team against two opponents over the last six, soon to be seven, contests. :expressionless:

Some of those Ottawa starters don't have a great deal of experience themselves. I understand the reasoning, but I think I might be a bit more selective than to just keep all expected starters at home. I don't know...

I have been wanting to go to a game in Ottawa and being at the end of the yr, I have other stuff on the go and cant go. And then is it snowing that day. lol

A bit more specific today, Campbell said "about 30" would stay home than later said "at least 30".

Probably includes a few guys who are already dinged up. Looking forward to seeing that depth chart. It'll probably be written on a post-it note.

The scheduling could very well be for first place and very exciting. With 66% of teams making the playoffs, the first half of the CFL season is basicly preseason anyways.. The Lions 11 season aside, you want to win a few games, but more importantly, dont want to get your QB hurt.
The last two Grey Cips have basicly come down to ,who had a QB left, that wasnt injured or banged up.
Ottawa is just being smart.

Does any body think that if OTT was playing this game at home on 4 days off and then have a short travel week the next game to start the season, that they would not dress ANY starters?
This is resting his starters and avoiding injuries, they are taking care of themselves.
If this game was in OTT, their starters would be playing, but, it is not!
OTT owes nothing to HAM fans or to let the TiCats get a measurement of their players against opposing starters by fielding the best team they can for a mean nothing game, they are taking care of themselves as they should.
This is simply a case of typical CFL scheduling at its worst and OTT gets a chance to avoid the League's bufoonery! :oops:

I'm sure they will rest Burris but will they bring Harris? If Harris plays then it will be a good test for the Hamilton DB's, if they just bring Jensen and O'Brien and the 4th QB, it won't be much of a contest.
They will probably rest Travon Van because he will be Powell's replacement but likely they will look at other RBs
They aren't bringing Jamil Smith the KR or punter Pfeiffer.
The are resting receivers Sinopoli, Chris Williams, Ellingson, Ernest Jackson.
You won't see DE Whiteside or three of the starting DBs, you won't see Hopkins or Pruneau.

Not sure if HC Campbell will be there either :?

I think Campbell said Harris was staying behind too. Didn't talk about his own status though. :lol:

The guys not going are going to be given "homework" of sorts, so apparently it's not just a day off.