Silly but Cute Idea to Increase Ticket Sales

[b][b]Big Brother/CFL Sponsorship Deal

The TV show (Big Brother) is huge in Canada. However, there has never been a Canadian version. Every other Country has their own version but not Canada.

The Aspers who own Global TV and the rights to the show (in Canada) are big CFL fans - the one brother wants to buy the Blue Bombers. The Aspers and Global TV should put on a Canadian Big Brother with the contestants coming from people who submit there application at CFL games.

You attend a CFL game you get to sign up and submit a DVD application. 12 participants... 2 from Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver. 1 from Hamilton, Ottawa(hopefully one day), Winnipeg, Sask, Calgary and Edmonton.

Young people would attend games in droves in the hope of being chosen - just what the CFL needs!

To be honest, originally, I thought of a Survivor/CFL partnership (since the CFL is the Ultimate Survivor!!!!) but I love Big Brother. If Survivor is chosen, the 12 Canadians could be matched up against 12 Americans on a fair away island - quite a sell on U.S. Canadian TV.

Anyone else think this is clever? Stupid? I am figuring on a 10%/90% split (smile). [/b][/b]

Did you work for the Gliebermans at any particular time?

I would say yes, but calling something related to "reality" TV (a.k.a. the bane of television) stupid would be an insult to stupid people everywhere.

Silly? Yes.

Cute? No.

Stupid? YES.

I like it.

We were looking at the league's TV ratings at a recent CFL Board of Governors meeting. They were -very- good across all ages and demographics with the exception of the 15 to 25 year old males, where they were just ok.

As we all know the 15-25 year old males are the future of our fan base, so -any- idea that might appeal to them is a good idea. Not sure how practical this idea is but then I'm not a TV exec either.

Oh, Bob. Do you also want to trade for Simpson and have Tafralis starting too? :smiley:


I can honestly say that I know a whole group of people (some of the youngins I work with) that would eat this up with a spoon. They've been talking about auditioning for a Canadian Big Brother for a few years now and if that were a way to audition they would certainly go.

I think it's a very creative idea. Nice work. Don't let the reality TV snobs dissuade you (yeah I'm talking about you JFL) :lol:

I just don't see much CFL exposure in places where the 15-25 year olds are.
Movies, concerts, video games.

If the CFL could do what the AFL, NCAA, Little League Baseball, Euro-hockey Leagues, NLL and virtually anything outside the WNBA has done and get a video game produced....or, even a decent add-on/ patch for an existing game done, it would make incredible differences in 15-25 year olds.

Seriously...Little League Baseball has a video game and the CFL doesn't. Does EA sports not have an office in Vancouver? Could a deal not be struck for even a Canadian edition of Madden?

Hell, buy some pre-movie ads at Cineplex for targeted movies and play our Ticat intro movie.

I know I'm simplifying things -- but, for a league that pulls some pretty massive audiences, it seems that sometimes we think we're smaller than we are.

slodrive2 I agree with you!! why isn't there a CFL videogame. I grew up on hockey and didn't start watching football until around 15 when I played Madden football. (For now I relocated a team to Ontario in MY Madden game)

I'd definitely buy a CFL videogame, hell I even download the fan made teams for ncaa 10 just so I can get a taste of CFL football in a videogame. Never gonna happen though :cry:

Yup...I've seen other users do a pretty good job of putting together teams, uniforms and stadiums...just figure between the 8 teams and the sales potential, some amount of budget could be put into it and do it relatively well.

Boggles my mind how I can play with teams from the German Elite League on my hockey game, but doing a CFL version of football isn't possible. Blows me away.