Silence in Saskatchewan, Part 2!

Was very much looking forward to a game today, but there wasn't a game. This was a blowout, should've even been more if the Lions didn't do the classy thing and kneel at the 1 yard line at the end of the game. So sick of everyone picking the Riders to kick the Lions asses today at Mosaic and how the 13th man would make a big difference. The crowd did nothing today, maybe even helped fire the Lions up! The title of this thread, silence, was the truth today. It was so quiet at the end you could hear a pin drop. It was men playing with boys today. If it wasn't for the Lions offence taking a few quarters to warm up this game could've been a 30-40 point blowout.

Let's get a big win in Calgary next week boys! Go Lions!

;;;;don't worry about the Riders.....they'll get better next year at the qb. spot after they pick-up Glenn from the much better???????now that's the question.... :roll:

Let's get Swervyn in here and get this party STARTED!!

I think, for me, this was the sweetest victory ever. After what our team's had to endure in that stadium, this win was a sweet one. It's nice to silence that crowd. For good.

So sweet! debra, I was hoping for a good ol' CFL barnburner but this was nothing but a blowout! I think this was the best performance I've ever seen out of our defence EVER. I feel sorry for all those Sask fans that had to endure such a butt kicking at Mosaic. The 33-12 score flattered the Riders, that's for sure.


Just woke up ... how bad did the Lions beat them? Looked to me like it was over in the 1st quarter, so I decided to take a nap.

bye-bye. 8)

Hey hey! Not surprising to see the token RLR post after a Lions win!

Congrats to the Lions, they were the much better team today, although it was still a game through 3 quarters, the 4th is where it got blown open.

Well, I’ll give you a recap my friend:

We scared 'em (bad). Their snaps were like their flies - low.

Their fingers froze in that weather we heard about all week.

They were a bundle of nerves and our guys kept coming. Sure, we went easy at first…but the boys got mad in the second half and started to put up the points. They caught sight of three Regina guys (together) in a hot tub and said “let’s get outta here (fast)”. Game over.

:thup: :rockin: :thup: :rockin:

Congrats to the LIons and their fans, I too was cheering for them. Couldn't stomach the thought of the Riders going back to the WF. Buuuuut now that the honeymoon is over you scum sucking , cheat'n , scum of the earth dirtbags get ready to meet a REAL team.

LOL, I suspect its going to be great game next week. I know who ever wins is going to represent the west very well. Good Luck Leo fans!

GO STAMPS GO!!!!! :cowboy: :cowboy: :cowboy: :cowboy: :cowboy:

hehehe. Only silenced until next year. :slight_smile:

Ok you cigar smokin' ninny...bring it. :wink:

TOGA! TOGA! TOGA! TOGA! TOGA! Whoooooooooooooooooooooooohooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!

I wonder how the crowd liked Mayor of Regina Rob Murphy waiving to them in the 4th.

Eat up your humble pie Riders fans.

Speaking of humble pie, you should try a slice, Swervy.

Riderfans .... how does crow taste anyways? :oops:

PARTY ON DUDES!!!! :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

Nah, we're having too much fun with our Victory Floats!!!

Swervy for PM!!

See, I don't mind those that talked smack and stood up for their team when they lost to the Stamps dishing it out, as they were here to take it as well.

But RLR, you haven't posted since the Leos beat the Esks well over 2 weeks ago. That is the definition of a bandwagon jumper :wink:

If I'm the definition of a bandwagon jumper (Lions season ticket holder, watch every game) than I think the Lions would be well suited to find more fans like me. Just because I haven't been posting lately, including when we've won doesn't mean I'm not a fan.

Enjoy the offseason Dust 8)

Murphy simply was showing what a classless jerk he is.

I agree. The classy thing would have been to ignore the fans... but when has Murphy ever done the classy thing...?

I wanted Wally to go for the TD at the end and put up a 40 spot on the Riders. That would’ve been fun :rockin:

Too bad he went for the kneel down

He could have done a lot worse then wave. If all he did was wave and didn't say anything stupid or give the finger then so be it.