Silence from Saskatchewan

Since I have been on here its never been so quiet out of Riderville. Whats happened they still driving back home from the game?

It's Saturday night, I wouldn't expect everyone to be around to chit chat all night, im heading out soon myself.

They have no reply to reality. Its sinking in how fragile their record is.

The Riders actually peaked in week 10. At that point they were 7-2. They then went on to lose 3 straight big games Winnipeg, Calgary and BC to go 7-5. They are about a 7-5 football squad in my mind.

Then the football gods smiled on the Riders and they got Montreal in a skid, Akili Smith, Hamilton back to back and Edmonton. Cudos to them for winning but really, whoopdee doo. Now all of a sudden their 12-5 and look out world here comes the Riders and their fans on the bandwagon once again!

Toronto on a hot streak comes in to town and they go back to that 7-5 football club that can't win the big games and I think they are overrated.

Calgary has a very good chance of beating them because 7-5 football teams don't dominate anybody and Burris will be healthy.

Swerv - I'm glad you think they are over-rated. Hopefully if the Riders down Calgary you'll have the guts to come on the boards and admit you were wrong. However I won't hold my breath because you don't appear to be that type.

SM the chances of that happening are slim to none.

I promise here and now that if the Riders beat BC, and therefore Calgary, and make it the Grey Cup I will appologize to all Riders fans on this forum and admit that I was wrong and the Riders are not over rated.

I would expect that you will return the favor if the Riders lose at home in front of a huge roudy crowd to Calgary that they were over rated all season.

No blaming the refs. If they blow a call so what because if BC is as good as I think they are they won't be in a position to beat by one or two bad calls. Same should go for the Riders against Calgary.


I won't make that deal. I would do it regardless. But the Riders need to prove me wrong. Knowing some of the rider fans on here they will simply disappear and say nothing.

Lions suck tonight. No intensity now I know what the Rider fans went through today. Yay Ticats.

Swervin> look over my posts and you'll see i call them straight. I've been one of the first ones to come on and state when the Riders sucked (including today). You promise to admit it after the Riders beat the Stamps, I'll admit it after the Stamps beat the Riders. Don't wait until the BC game because based on your smart-mouthing, you've made it clear the Riders are so useless that they have no chance against the Stamps.

Your right Bigpew you should make the deal for the WS game. SM won't go wrong.

more insults with my name? nice. Must be getting under your skin. :slight_smile:

I recognize this post… I see you’re just copy and pasting your drivel now… :roll:

Should we put a lot of stock in the fact that BC played their starters and barely beat the Stamps backups?

Of course not, but if I was to do my best RLR / Swervin Mervin I'd make an entire thread harping on that very fact.

Really was an exhibition game, but fun. Sankey's a keeper.

WSF should be a beauty... I hear it's gonna be cold and snowy... Hope you guys beat the he[[ out of each other. :twisted:

There was lots of back-ups playing on both sides. But still a very sloppy game as far as I was concerned. Sankey looked very good , as did Geroy .

I was out all day, just got back from American Gangster (decent movie, pretty interesting). Riders are not overrated... They played a bad game, so what? It happens.... Riders in 07!

The Lions did play horrible. The secondary was pathetic today...another ugly win...but at least it was a win. We really missed Murphy today.

They weren't all starters in BC and they weren't all back ups for Calgary.

Seems some Lions fans have every excuse in the book… :expressionless:

We're not making excuses, we won the game. A win is a win. I don't care if Calgary played their peewee team. We'd beat them down too. We'll beat anyone right now. Bring it on.

We all know no one in the west can cover Geroy and he'll cake walk us through the Western Final in the friendly confines of the dome. The Grey Cup against Toronto? Who knows. Their defense, their home crowd will be tough to beat.