Signs of QP's Maturation as a QB?

Porter was whining over this past yr KJ and KG are buddies. Poor Quinton. KG is the starter because he earned it. I just wish QP would start taking responisibility for his lack of effort and quit blaming everyone from the receviers, to the offensive line, and now the coaching staff.
QP, its time to grow up!


Would it have to be an entirely new playbook? Just add a few additional plays - rollouts, draws (and not just the "I don’t see anybody open, I might as well run), options. And it sounds like they may be adding some rollouts this year anyway, so that’s even more of the playbook that would be shared.

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That is 100% correct. I totally agree

Well, I think mostly it’s the offensive scheme’s.If you noticed, when he was thrown into the fire he was throwing long bombs all day like Ricky Ray and taking off running like Burris.Then next thing you know, new OC and he can’t complete a pass to save his life and all he does is scramble.

Like I said before, Did the same O/C that destroyed Cobb's confidence do the same to QP?

Easy answer... NO
No one ruined Cobb, he was never a good back. He had a few good games where he found a big hole and got a ton of yards, besides that he couldn't hit the hole and break through a tackle. So far Porter has been the same thing a one hit wonder, a lot of people are going to be mad about that but its true. Also if Porter didn't like the plays he was being given he should have talked to someone about it.

If I could take it back, to blame Cobb's poor running on the O/C is probably not right.
I would have to admit in hindsight that it was Cobb that lost his confidence and to blame Mike Gibson is just not right.
The same goes for QP, It is up to him to earn the backup job and if he fails it will be his own fault.

What is QP's skill set? Lets just say limited.. He is pretty good at keeping the bench warm, I guess that is part of being a backup.


A suitable websters dictionary description of petty could read.. most of drmopar's posts on

Another Porter supporter on the attack, lets all wait till June 25th before we go patting QP on the back. He hasn't shown much at training camp yet.. Chances are he is in over his head again..


I am not a Porter supporter. I support all the players equally because that is the role of a fan. Honestly.. how can a "fan" hate on a player that plays for the team they are a "fan" of?

My guess is that you're either just a bitter hate filled person or completely delusional. Neither is very desirable quality.

Zenstate had it right that Porter was rushed. I believe this was compounded by a severely limited playbook that a peewee defensive coach could easily design a defense against. Then he was firmly planted on the bench and only allowed to do 2nd or 3rd and inches plays which does nothing to develop. Hopefully that mentality from the coaching staff has been purged and either Porter or someone else has an actual opportunity to run real plays in real game situations during the regular season in order to, you know, develop.

I hope QP sees the field alot this year, in the 4th quarter because we are dominating a game by 25 points, in no way shape or form should we take time away from KG just so we can try and let Porter develop, only time i wanna see Porter is in mop up duty, but to be honest, i think Boltus might jump Porter in the depth chart at some point this season, Boltus has looked impressive in camp

we need to give somebody, anybody reps during the game and not just in mop up situations. It can be done to gain an advantage by showing a change of pace or in the event Glenn is struggling or hurt and needs a quick breather. Holding a clipboard isn't developing and doesn't give us the best chance to win either since its painfully obvious that the backup needs to be ready to play effectively if the starter goes down

your saying you want to run a 2 qb offence? im just asking because your proposal is quite confusing, you want us to throw Porter into game as a chaneg of pace? to try and develop him? seems like a very stubborn plan from a fan who just wants to see Porter as the starter?

correct me if im wrong on any of this?

Situational subbing, yes. absolutely. Don't care if its Porter, we need to have a 2nd QB ready to go. The stubborn Porter crap has to stop from all of those using it. Its about being a better team and the team includes all 3 QBs

isnt this why we give Porter 1st string reps in practice? Quinton is a professional, if hes not ready to play when called apon, he should not be on the team

Pure crap, you can't get better on the sidelines. Besides get your stubborn brain around this, its not about Porter. Its about anyone who is 2nd string. You want to be better you find a way to get your backup some reps

no you get better in practice, as they say, practice how your going to play in the game, i dont see why you want to take reps away from our number one QB in a regular season game, im all for a backup developing but in a game, lets say were up by 3, we put our backup in for one of these situational subs, he throws a pick, they score? how do you explain this to the fans