Signs of QP's Maturation as a QB?

Prediction: You will repeat yourself endlessly this season, posting multiple times on every thread about Porter, and making posts about Porter on many threads that are not actually about Porter. And yet, in all those posts, there will be nothing new - just the same points made again and again.

(Sorry - that's not much of a "prediction" - sort of on par with "predicting" that it will get hot in July and cool off in the fall.)

Great article!! we could see a lot of him this year coming off the bench.

Well, it didn't take long, did it?

Why do you waist everyone's time with this kind of repeated vitriol?

Let's call a spad a spad, this is obsurb.

Dr it continues to be obvious that you cannot read. Your vile knows no bounds. Give it a rest and see how things pan out. Personal attacks based on lies sure isn't the way to go.

What is this? Ground hog day?

Good one Kirk, ground hog day, Ha..


Yes we see the Dr trash Porter over and over and over. Just when you think its done because the thread is locked it starts over in a new one

I was glad to read Porter's comments and an apparent change in attitude. I have been a critic of Porter for quite a while and thought he should have been traded during the past two off-seasons.
I was at the game against Montreal where he shined but I was very surprised that he seemed unable to repeat that kind of a performance afterwards. He also never showed much when he was put into replace Glenn for a few plays. There was talk that Gibson never gave him many reps which seemed a strange way of dealing with the back-up QB. I was also surprised Marcel seemed to go along with that situation. So maybe QP's beefing and performance was not surprising.
I can only assume Obie and the coaching staff see things in Porter that warrant keeping him around. Heck....he must know the playbook well by now.
So I no longer am too critical of him. But I am sure that, as with any other position, as soon as Obie sees another QB with better back-up potential, QP will be replaced. That's just football.

So rather than we give the Dr all this attention and derail what otherwise might be a good banter back and forth about the article etc, why don't we all just ignore him and his personal rants. As has been noted before by many, he brings no new arguments to the table - its the same old same old and at times they are incoherent at that.

So with that in mind, do you guys think the coaching staff can utilize QP more effectively? Design entire series of plays that cater to his skill set? Get him more involved in games rather than just wait for garbage time to get him in?

Having the backup run the basic offense is mandatory but its also a very good idea to install plays that play to his particular strengths if you ever plan to use him in an emergency. This applies to ANY starter/backup tandem. If you have 2 unique skill sets that can show the opposition different looks AND you can find a way (wildcat) to use both its only going to help. As I've stated for years as well, no matter who the project is the only way to develop a QB is to give that QB game reps in meaningful situations with players and plays that give him a chance to succeed. In this regard no matter who is chosen to be the next one it is my hope that situational playing time is given to him

the idea about designing entire packages for him is great, even having him run like a wildcat offence would be good considering how much he runs the ball

i honestly dont think QP will stick around here to wait for the starting position because I dont think its gunna happen anytime soon, i can see him ending up in the Peg as a replacement for Buck Pierce

i personally dont like how QP runs the offence but he is pretty deadly when he scrambles, he can always make plays with his feet which is the biggest asset of his game

What is QP's skill set?
Every time the guy get into the game to get some reps he decides to take off running instead of passing the ball. I'm all for a running qb who can take off and run to grab you that first down, but you need to be able to read a defense and make some throws as well. Teams know if his first read is covered hes going to take of running.

So nice that you decided to add something constructive to the thread Mak. In fact his running is an asset. Maybe we should be looking to exploit it rather than gripe about it

no problem, I'm always here to add some input...
If you read my post again you'd see that I love a qb who can take off running, but he needs to be able to make a second read and find an open receiver.

All im asking is what are Porters strengths?

Roll outs, not in playbook
Long ball, not prominent in playbook
Option plays, not in playbook
Quick hitters

Unless your name is Jason Mass in Edmonton, a backup Q/B's job status on a CFL team is very insecure.
Training camp and on field success will dictate who will be the backup for this team.
Although QP's contract was reduced during last season if the Ti-Cats staff see a backup with more potential than QP
he will not be here long.
I think the staff have shown alot of confidence in QP and reading this story does show his maturity.
This position on this team is QP's to lose or keep right now.

Spot on, sir.

I recently read an article where Kevin Glenn said when he was a younger QB the Bombers utilized more roll outs. If the Cats did this for Porter, perhaps it would allow him more time to read the defense, therefore being better able find his second option.

In the same article, Glenn said he wanted to roll out more, so perhaps this will become a part of the playbook.

Good Point Grover, I notice in another thread the other contenders are doing well, such as Boltrus. Glenn is mentioned and noted ready to go. No word on QP though, hum sometimes no words say so much..

8) 8) 8)

It's nice to see people actually making valid points and discussing details of a player in a realistic way rather than just blind hatred or loyalty.

My opinion of Porter is he started too soon and still has potential. IMO the worst thing a football coach can ever do is throw a guy to the wolves before he has enough confidence. They all have skill which is why they are pro in the first place but the game is so fast that the QB needs a lot of experience to truly run an O well normally.

Giving Porter a secondary playbook seems like a good idea, but I would like to point out that it does give the offence twice as many plays to memorize. I agree that if it works it would be great, but I am just pointing out that there are drawbacks here, as there would be with any 2 QBs with different skill sets.