Signs of QP's Maturation as a QB?

Nice National Post article about QP (heads-up courtesy of Drew):

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I like his attitude.

QP is a descent person with talent we all should be giving him support instead of putting him down it could turn out very positive for the team if we do. :thup:

Thankyou for posting Kicker.
Catfish is right, we should give QP a chance to develop under our new O/C Khari Jones and see what happens!

Nice article.

I think Porter has all the physical skills needed and that most of his mistakes were mental and can be easily corrected.

I'm glad he's here and think he can do an admirable job.

This "new" attitude and trust should go a long way. here's hoping for the best, and best of luck to him, Kevin and Khari ( and Jason too)

Holds breath waiting for the inevitable. Nice piece

I'm really impressed with the attitude shown by QP in the article. I hope he has nothing but success when he "gets his chance". I'm sure if KG is not firing on all cylinders during a game that MB will try the change of pace by putting in QP. With his current attitude and comfort level with both KJ and KG I see nothing but positives for him.

Good luck QP! :rockin:

Nice to see the QP fan club jump on this article. We will see come training camp how mature QP has become. According to him he has stopped complaining. That would be a big step, hopefully he can maintain that position.
However if you read threw the lines it is obvious he couldn't find another job.. Why? That would be like having to work for a position, why give up a good thing when you have it in the Hammer..


And the dr delivers his usual pile of dung about Porter. The hate knows no bounds. :roll:

And AKT doesn't waist a minute to go on the attack.
Others are allowed to disagree with AKT and his friends, just check the rule book.


You read the rule book dr. You constantly make it personal about Porter. That is fact and not an attack at all. Every post you make is an attack on Porter and many of them are attacks on fellow posters for not hating him as you do

You called it.

Good article ruined by the usual bile spewed by the good dr. It seems as if this is personal, like Porter stiffed him for an autograph or something. I suspect this thread gets locked a lot quicker than the last one.

But before it does, I'll throw my two pennies in there.

I was very critical of Porter's comments back in the winter when he said that he needed more opportunities to start. I felt that those comments were very disrespectful of Kevin Glenn. Porter has all the physical tools to succeed, he just needs to master the mental side of the game. From what he said in this article, it sounds like he's on the way to doing just that. I look forward to seeing Porter mature into the guy we all thought he would be back in 2008.

If he can't take Pressure from Fans
how he going to do with a linebacker in his face.
Pressure to Perform is part of his Job
If you can't take the heat get out of the Kitchen.
Porter got big shoulders I am sure he take the heat ..
He starting to show that he has wait his Turn.
Then Maybe he'll turn it around.
After he sat and Learned.
But Stil l hope Boltus beat him out..

I suspect that Quinton probabaly regrets saying that "out loud" to a reporter however my guess is that he probably meant no disprespect to Glenn by saying it.

As a young QB learning the ropes both both between the white lines as well as outside them, I give him a pass on those comments as well as the benefit of the doubt on his statement intent.

My perception is that many around here saw that statement (as I do) as one coming from a motivated and competitive young player expressing what he needs to see happen to be successful and thus contribute to the team to which we belongs.

I recall reading several of Russ' excellent arguments and examples of what it takes for QBs to develop and progress (its not by holding a clipboard)

It was a good article, that doesn't change my thoughts on the guy though.
He better have a great camp too because from what I've heard Boltus and Mustain have looked good.

This is the second time this has appeared; I let it slide the first time, but won't pass on it this time.

Dr, you do know the difference between "waist" and "waste", do you not ?

I have heard the same, good luck to all..


Excellent post Blogskee. I feel similarly.

Thanks to Kicker for kick starting this thread again. QP is our back up. Deal with it. For now. I'm supremely confident that if the unthinkable happens and KG goes down, QP is going to step up ala Brett Favre and be a force to be reckoned with.

I happen to be a fan of QP and believe he has what it takes to be not only a starter, but a leader of this team someday in the near future. This is my chance to redeem myself for booing Calvillo out of town. Call me a fool, but QP looks like the future of this team to me.

Mopar's words havent been sweet about QP, but he'll wish they had been when he's eating them.

Bruce has stiffed me for autographs on at least 5 occasions, but i'm not mad at him he's still one of my favorite players.

Alexander, I have been waiting 3 yrs. to eat my words about QP and it hasn't happened yet. I have never been stiffed by the guy for an autograph, frankly I wouldn't ask for one from QP. Other than the Montreal game in 2008
the guy has been trouble and a complainer since he picked up a pigskin in this town.
He is lazy and scared of taking a hit.
AKT and his cheer leaders are the only ones that have had to eat crow around here with regards to QP.
When QP changes his ways I will give him a break, until then he remains open season..
Bottom line, everything I have said about the guy is true, so why should I start believing a word he says at this stage of the game.
Prediction, he will be complaining by Sept. no matter what happens on or off the field this yr.