Signs of life?

Up until the last series (Smiths close TD) it seemed like the Lions were out to lunch. Hopefully these couple big plays give em a boost. They seem to have their heads up their asses with bad passes, blown coverage and craptastick route running. I dont mind losing to a team that beats ya, but at this pace up to the Smith TD it was looking closer to a free win for the green which is sad.

Being beaten by a team if fine, can happen with any team on any day, beating yourself is not cool :smiley:

Beside joe smith this team sucksssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss.

Sask 42 bc 22

Umm, errr, ahhh....



Good win by Leos tonight.We all knew their D was good.Looks like their O &Jackson are catching up.Hopefully, a win like this will light a fire within the clubhouse.Defense was awesome tonight.

I can't wait to go to work on Monday. I'm a BC boy that just moved to small town SK, and I take a lot of heat wearing the Lions shirt, and having the flag on my truck.

Hope they keep on trucking


That was a marvelous come-from-behind victory by the Lions. Like the Riders and most of Saskatchewan I'm still shocked by the outcome, but I was really stoked after Geroy's winning TD.

For me, that was the most exciting win of the season. Did anyone else feel the same way? I was disappointed with the Lions offence for much of the game and a loss seemed inevitable, but that's precisely what made this win so satisfying!!

that is why you watch until the very end, you never know what is going to happen...and i am so happy that it was geroy that got the winning td, he needed a catch like that...after missing a few earlier in the game...good come from behind, but they didn't play very well...well, special teams kept us in there and the defence came on strong in the second half...anyhow, bring on the stamps!!!