Two good moves, in my opinion:

  1. We have re-signed Chip Cox. Great back, plays with reckless abandon, got burned a few times but as long as he keeps his emotions in check and learns some discipline, I'm glad he's back.

  2. We have signed QB Joshua Harris. He played for Calgary a couple of seasons back, and I thought he looked darn impressive. Big, mobile, strong arm. Should be a nice mix now with Calvillo, Brady, and Harris.

Now, Mr. Popp, get to work and find us: (a) a speedy deep-threat receiver or two; (b) two strong pass-rushing defensive ends; and (c) a middle linebacker.

I like the Cox signing, but he's got to use better judgment this year. Time and again I saw Boulay bailing him out over top because someone had gotten behind coverage, particularly in the end zone. Now he's got the big contract, so I expect better.

As for our needs, Jack, I mostly agree, except that I think we only need one good rush end. Bowman showed some good things this year.

My wish list is one dependable possession slotback, one legit deep threat, one consistent rush end, one SAM linebacker, and one good blindside tackle on the O-line.

We are close.....on most.

Where I am not in agreement is that I don't think getting a possession slotback is a priority...we have Cahoon and Thurmon for that role, and if Stala can ever come back and be what he was becoming to be a couple of seasons back, we'll be okay there.

If we can beef up the pass rush, then I'll be content with Hill and Ferri at OLBs, but I do think we need an upgrade at MLB....Kai Ellis was brilliant in the Grey Cup 2 seasons back but otherwise has shown next to nothing, and Mackey is, at best, adequate.

As for the O-line, we need lots of help there. I have hope though for Bourke and Perrett.

Good point about the possession receiver, definitely less of a priority.

In other news, we've re-signed Perrett and Duval.

Glad to see that our GM is getting busy....

Unrelated but why bother setting up a new thread...

The Hamilton fans in here are working on setting up a 'meet and greet' gathering. I wonder if we should set something like that up for all of the regular Als posters in here around Grey Cup time; I'll be there with Mrs MadJack for the Cup, and it would be fun meeting fellow Als posters.

Winnipeg has cut Chris Brazzell. We’ve been talking about getting a legit deep-threat receiver and this guy certainly has the physical tools, as well as some prior success in the area (with BC a few years ago). If I were Popp, I’d grab Brazzell.

disciplineandpunish u stole the words i was gonna write! yes brazzel would be great !

how does tony miles sound? what about bringing home one of quebec's own-pass rusher miguel robede?
i think that if the als sign two guys from free agency, they'll be back on top. the argos are not getting any younger and the ticats are still a year or two away.
trestman will delight people with his attention to detail and tireless work to learn a brand new game.

back to the east final in '08.

city legend

The knock against Brazzel from Hamilton and Winnipeg fans has been a lack of effort…sort of a reminder of Thyron Anderson.

But by all means, bring him to camp, if he makes it great and if he doesn’t nothing ventured nothing gained.

I wouldn't bother. With Stala healthy. Watkins,Cahoon,Thurman,Deslauriers,Morton,Desrivaux,Smith. Free agency, CFL draft and spring signings still to go. There is no room for a "soft" receiver like Brazzel

Can any of those guys be a legitimate deep threat?

Watkins, Cahoon, Stala, Thurmon, Desriveaux, Smith, no. Don't know enough about Morton to say. Deslauriers, however, does have wheels.

Armour might not be back in Hamilton. He would be a tremendous acquisition for our linebacking corps.

From what I could read on Morton, he dosen't have the fastest wheels but great hands. Blocking was the big knock on him, not as much of a concern in the CFL.

I think Deslauriers and Thurmon can be a deep treat. I'm pretty sure there will be two or three young guys at camp that will get a look at receiver position. Calgary may have to let go one of their receivers to allocate some money on the defensive side of the ball. Canada? Armour?

Maybe we can lobby to get Terrence Edwards back; say it was a loan, or something! Seriously, not too concerned about the receiving corps; my free-agency wish list would begin and end with Tom Canada. I was whimsically hoping that a healthy Cheatwood would eventually take the field last year to put up Paytonesque numbers but obviously that was very wishful thinking. If the Als were willing to pony up for Printers, throw some coin at Canada to anchor the line.

Of the free agents available, certainly Canada would be a very welcome addition, giving us a guy who can pass rush and get sacks, something we were sorely lacking last year. In the middle of the D line, if we don't sign Romero back, then look at Robede.

For a deep threat receiver, Dominguez is an interesting possibility, but the price may be too high and there is a problem with being injury-prone.

If we went for a LB, I'd certainly look at Armour, lots of upside there. I have always liked Reggie Hunt, but Armour is younger.

Assistant GM Desjardins' input will be helpful in dealing with Armour. From what I have seen in the past, he's an extremely hard worker but appears to miss assignments every now and then.