Signings of draft choices

The Als announced the signings of Matt Singer-G/C- and Stan van Sichem-DE- to contracts of 3 years +option. Ivan Brown-DE- was signed for 2 years + option.

Another 10 days and camp for rookies will begin.


Thanks Richard. Is Dylan signed?

And Herb still hasn’t heard about it! :smiley: :smiley:

I've noticed that since the Cobourne thing, Herb is doing next to nothing with the Als. Looks like he has a weekly or bi-monthly call with Desjardins and that's it. Looks like the Gazette is not interested in making a change. If the Als engaged the fans like the Ticats or the Riders do via their web site and such it wouldn't be too bad but since they don't really like to mix it up with the fans, you add the feud with Herb and that leaves Bujold at Lapresse and a bit of coverage at CJAD and CKAC. The Als should really look at the situation IMO. I would say Montreal has the weakest relationships with the media of the 8 teams.

How bad is it when one of Jim's buddy's is the #1 source of info on the team. No offense to Richard btw.