Signings for 2022

Lots of decisions to make in the Ticat Secondary.

Adeleke is a ratio buster who can play multiple positions, but will he be too expensive to retain, and can Katsantonis (another ratio buster who can also play multiple positions, whose contract is reasonable) take his starting spot?

Will Frankie Williams be back? Do you re-sign him, knowing he is a terrific player, but just missed a huge chunk of a season due to a concussion?

The Cats found a starting corner in rookie Desmond Lawrence. Does that mean they don’t attempt to sign Breaux, because Breaux is older now, has missed a season, and may demand big bucks?

In my opinion, you try to sign Adeleke and Breaux, but let Frankie Williams walk. Williams is an awesome player, but he’s one hit away from maybe missing another 10+ games, or retirement.

I think Adeleke deserves a pay bump, but again, if he asks for the moon, you let him walk, make Katsantonis your starter, and draft the next Katsantonis in the next draft.

Breaux was the best DB in the league for a number of years. I would make him a hefty offer that is rooted in incentives (the big money kicks in only if he meets those incentives). I think Breaux would be ok with that proposal/would not feel disrespected by it, considering the layoff from football he is coming off of. If we don’t sign him, I guarantee someone else will.

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I cant see him signing with anyone else. There's no way conversations havent taken place between him and Stein


I would say he is an important piece to resign. While versatile at various positions, he is really an excellent safety and we need to keep him. We saved some $$ in Evans contract to use to get some good players to come here; why would that not apply to keeping Adeleke?


It's not one or the other when it comes to Adeleke and Kats. Both are excellent and versatile players that are ratio busters. It is guaranteed that you lose some DBs to injury during a season and both these guys can slot right in without the defence missing a beat.

Having 2 excellent Canadian DBs is never a liability and will unlikely break the team's bank.


I'm pretty sure @Crash was talking about Delvin Breaux and not Adeleke...

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Tunde is a must sign imo. But I'd be surprised if Breaux went anywhere else.


Only concern I have with Breaux is that it's obvious they could have negotiated a deal before he un-retired. The fact that this is a 2 part announcement (the unretire without a signature) makes clear nothing is done and maybe not imminent.

Edmonton will have the cap room and the head coach that wants him, and Toronto just had Dexter McCoil retire.

I have zero doubt believing that if Delvin Breaux is considering strapping on a helmet in CFL stadia in 2022, his preference would be to do that as a member of the Hamilton Tiger-Cats.
BUT . . .
in the event that the Hamilton Tiger-Cats strategic plan for how they intend to employ their budgeted Salary Cap monies in 2022 cannot accommodate DB's demands, I also have zero doubt that he will not hesitate to accept a paycheck from any of the other 8 teams in the CFL who might be willing to meet his salary demands. These guys have a very short earnings window. I would love to see him report to our Training Camp, but he will ultimately decide what is best for him & his family.

I had meant to reply to “of_course’s” post one up from Crash’s. Problem with big thumbs and an iPhone!

I think it's Ticats or nothing and him and the team have already talked about contract details. I saw him briefly on the sideline when I rewatched the Cup and wondered if something was up. If he's healthy and ready, he's the best in the league period. He was never the fastest DB, so it was never about Speed he just has an uncanny nack for being in teh right position.


I wouldn't quite discount Breaux's speed. Watching him live you rarely saw any seperation between him and the receiver. The way he could blanket a receiver and adjust to their route running was always impressive to watch. He has to be pretty fast to keep up like that with the league's top receivers.

Whether or not he still has that ability after a couple of years away from the game is currently unknown.


Kalinic now trying out for the Packers. Seems like there's lots of teams looking for a 6'4" Tight End...

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Breaux wanted to spend more time with his young son . Likely decided he wanted to play again during grey cup week

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Hamilton Tiger-Cats



Big play Papi is back! We've re-signed Flag of United States wide receiver and returner, Papi White (




Frankie Williams would be a ? To re signing for me due to the significant concussion and post concussion syndrome is a thing

He uses cbd for pain management and mental health likely not the only athlete that does, not using it to get high


Ticats own his rights till Feb 8th then would be a free agent

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I'm a big believer in this. It works well for me.


Please, no more promises.

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022-01-18 HAM NEWMAN, Jamie QB A Wake Forest Add To Active Roster
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Revenberg is back