Signings for 2022


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How good is Nathan Rourke's brother Kurtis you ask?
He just broke the Ohio Bobcats single game record posting 41-of-50 pass attempts on the afternoon for 537 yards and four touchdowns, adding 45 yards and a rushing score to his tally.

Not too shabby and a name to keep our eyes on!


Definitely enough blights that the great 'ol Stein should be fired. I'm just waiting for the day. Why some people continually make excuses for this guy is just mind boggling.

With Coach O do you trust he is learning from his mistakes or he is just no good?

Bill Belichick was once fired by the Cleveland Browns and BB replaced a coach in NE that went on to some pretty good future success in Pete Carroll.

I am not against replacing Orlondo, but if the team does I want it to be for an upgrade. Not sure who that would be.
If they fire O I fully expect him to land on his feet and have a successful HC run elsewhere.

Sometimes change is good...sometimes it isn't.

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How do you know if any coach is an upgrade until he gets a chance? All I know is that whatever is going on in Hamilton is no longer working. Look what happened to Marc Trestman in Toronto. He won a Grey Cup coaching Toronto in 2017. The following year they are abysmal and he is fired at seasons end. Does it mean he was a terrible coach? No. It means it was no longer working in Toronto so they knew it had to end.
I believe Stein will get his chance next year (because they obviously love him) but what happens if they start next season 0-4. What then?

I 100% agree. Contingency plans best be in place.
in case of fire break glass and "do this"

The team would be foolish to not have this discussion.

I don't think coach O is going anywhere but Hamilton next year.
What needs to be established between now and the start of next season
Are our 2 co ordinators the right ones.

Are our talent evaluators and scouts bringing in enough talent?
Are Evans and Shiltz the right pairings at QB?

AND HOW DO WE GET BARKER back in our front office.
I would do a Barker-Allemang swap in a heartbeat.
I like the promote from within but from assistant equipment manager to GM is a pretty big leap.

We have lost our 2 starting QBs Dane Evans and Matt Shiltz to the injury list this year . We've lost special teamers Cross, Woods 111 and Newton to the list . Other starters lost include Durant , Addison , Jackson , Burt , Ciante Evans , Simoni , Fontana , Van Zeyl and Wynn .
I count 14 players who were core players on the team all gone . So the solution is to fire the coach ? Please :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes:


And yet, better teams than us have had more man-games lost due to injury.
If these players are injured, then where are their replacements? Why no use of the expanded practice roster?

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Lawrence Woods out catching punts today


Also with this being a bye week where is the announcement of some new signings or recruitments for the stretch run or possible futures ? Answer : The sounds of crickets chirping .

It seems like every other team is announcing player signings and movement of personnel and shuffling except for us for whatever the reason being is .

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Teams can choose the exact 30 days when they expand their practice roster. Ti-Cats probably looked at their schedule and since they had a bye before the final 4 games season, they decided they would expand their roster for the final month of the season. That of course assumes they have not done so already since the NFL cutdown day. So, I would expect Hamilton to announce a total of 5 or so new names when they resume practice on Sunday or Monday.

Adding a player during the bye week would be a waste because teams would not get the benefit of evaluating the player for the full 30 days as teams do not practice during off-weeks.


Thanks okie! :+1:
That was such a great explanation, Even I understood it! :flushed:


We have life in the front office

The Tiger-Cats also announced the following players have been released by the club:

AME – WR – Jaylon Redd
AME – DB – Desmond Lawrence


:laughing: :laughing:
You should've just started a brand new thread and titled it...

"Cats release Lawrence"

It would've been the ultimate click bait title of all time .


You are an evil, evil, EVIL man.

You may continue to exist (for now)... lol

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Now when I started this thread last December I used the term "crickets so far". Bobo suggested that we sign this fellow Crickets at that time. October 1 and Crickets has resurfaced. Where has he been all season?

I thought D. Lawrence was a nice addition last season.
This year...not so much.

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Collier listed at 5’-11” and 165 lbs. Wonder if he is more of a kick returner? Maybe a couple inches taller than Leonard but about the same weight. We don’t seem to like signing bigger dbs.

I really don't think we have that bad of a team. As Coach Sal. mentioned, if we add
a good ball Returner , Another good DE and possibly a Big play receiver we could
clean house.
Weather we can do that with the existing Management is the question.

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