Signings for 2022

MYCKO 75; .....At my age , I don't jump to conclusions. I guess your eyes must be worse than mine, because did you not see," IMO" ??? It is not your place to correct other peoples opinions, because they 're not fact , they are just part of a conversation. If the conversation does not meet your liking, then don't look at it, and by all means , don't take it to heart , as it is not fact. .....again ...Just My Opinion...... also.. .................No offense .


A) a conclusion can be an opinion, so I am not wrong
B) I am not correcting your opinion. I very clearly asked HOW you could have such an opinion in light of overwhelming evidence to the contrary.
C) The cataracts are being taken care of in two weeks, but thanks for making fun of the disability.

Don’t think saxelid plays his weekend unless the limited isn’t that bad

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I don't see E. Butler anywhere on the Ticats roster on the team page. Guess he was released after all...

His right hand is in a cast. Would think he'll be gone the full six games. With 2 OLine spots taken by Americans right now, there's no place for him anyway.

If Butler is gone, that means there are currently no healthy American WRs on the roster in the event we should lose any of the three current American starters.


I was looking at the transactions list, and he might be a "don't leave town" cut. Looks like Desmond Lawrence has been in the same boat. As I understand it, they sometimes cut guys and tell them 'wink-wink, don't leave town' because they could be re-signed


Every team does it.

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Johnson had a splint not a cast at autograph signing , casts aren't plastic .


Wow ! TiCat94 you are everywhere . Thanks for being our eyes and ears . You have to be the number one TiCat fan . :heartbeat:

Pat Lynch (the old guy)


That happens, because the P.R. is full, at 10 not counting Global players. Releasing Butler, this week, made room for Lawrence. The only other roster to park a non-active player on, is the Injured List, and players on it get full game cheques.

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Your welcome, im glad to see Newton without crutches when camera showed the Sideline when sean Thomas Erlington was being looked at early in the game .


I thought def a few signings today.. I guess not

Still “workin the phones” I guess. I hope!

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They should have been working the phones by about the 4th quarter last game. :smile:


Well if u want to give them enoughht8 e to play by Friday would be more the. What tues we’d thurs unless they plan on moving Burt to wr since he played TE in ncaa

Easy moves would be to bring back Emmanuel Butler to fill in the Addison spot.
And activating Ungerer III to fill for Mike Jones if he can't go.

Not sure if Papi or Anthony Johnson are doing well enough to return early from the 6 game.

Johnson hand I don’t think is ready… not sure of papa white… where my seats are is right behind the player bench…

Even then u would of seen transactions or something… not even a peep

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A day later, one I'm sure you wouldn't have guessed:

The Argos inked a couple today, too, including former TiCat Maurice Carnell IV, who was injured during, and let go from, their training camp this year.

Prob newtons replacement