Signings for 2022

If it was that big he would likely be signed already (and he just might be).

Brunham, Addison and Acklin would look great together.

But you're right they need to spend some money on the O-Line

We need a new Left Tackle. And Okafor ain't it...


Vornkahl did pretty well there for a few games


If true, I'd think perhaps not quite so much, after his mishandling of the last pass thrown his way.


Acklin didn’t mishandle it. The pass was deflected away from him at the last second by the Winnipeg DB, who, in doing so, saved the game for the Bombers.

The fact that they went to Acklin on that critical pass play is evidence of how much the Ticat coaches see him as a clutch receiver.


And the ball was thrown a bit late and behind.


It was partially tipped and it was a bit behind,
He got his hands on it, It could have been caught but wasn't to be.
I fully agree with the last part, the fact it was going to Acklin shows the confidence the team and also I have in him!
A MUST re-sign IMHO


Hypothetical question for everybody.

Would you rather have A or B:

T. White
(Rookie FA)


T. White

Have another look. Pay close attention to the telecast replay, particularly from the end zone camera. If the defender did touch the ball, and I'm not convinced he ever did, it wasn't until after it bounced off Acklin's hands and then off his chest. Acklin's palms, which should have been facing out, were facing up when the pass arrived.


I'd rather have

Somebody else ( Burnham would be a nice addition :grinning:)

12:10 is the time of the good replay.
Defender appears to you h Acklins hand and ball as it arrives.

I think it's a catch he'd want back, but I'm reality when you're running an "out" to the pylon, that ball needs to be on the front shoulder. If it is, there's no tip. Acklin needed to turn his body around because it was thrown late.

Looking back, there wa a lot wrong about that play. I'm sure both Acklin and Masoli would rather have a "redo" on that. Yes, it was a bit late and a bit behind Acklin. Yes, the defender tiped it at the last possible moment. Acklin had to jump and twist backwards to even have an attempt at catching that pass.
It wouldn't be the most difficult catch in GC history (Tony Champion holds THAT record), but it would have been a "circus catch" if completed.

Was Acklin running the correct route? Did he take an extra step and throw off Masoli's timing? Was he even the primary receiver on that play? By my aging eyes on a 4K screen, if that pass had been an INCH closer to the sideline, it's a TD and the GC drought is over. I give mad props to the defender on that play.
Of course, if T. White hadn't taken a knee, a FG would have won the game and we wouldn't HAVE to attempt a TD play...


Great point. Any additional thoughts @bobo82


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Yep , it sure was a...
"Great point"

I saw what you did there . :wink: :wink: :smile:

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Burnham would look mighty good there, think he has a couple solid years left. But if it came down to him or Acklin I would sign Acklin as he looks to have a big future and wouldn’t command as high a contract.

Also not sure that Dunbar will be back, he could possibly get a tryout in the NFL or move elsewhere as a free agent. Bobo’s guy might not be back either, in which case I think it’s more likely Banks comes back. We could also see more of Papi White or Marcus Green as returner/receivers.

Some other interesting receiver names still out there -

Devaris Daniels
Eric Rogers ( too many injuries for my liking)
Kenny Lawler ( prob signs in the Peg for big bucks)
Rasheed Bailey (good size and hands but overshadowed by Lawler, might just need to be featured more)
Greg Ellingson
Kamar Jorden ( likely resigns in Cgy)
Ricky Collins Jr
Armanti Edwards
Darvin Adams

If they’re going to spend bucks on a receiver would prefer they find a big bodied Canadian who can play slotback. Maybe a guy like Justin McInnus from Sask, Juwan Brescacin, Hergy Mayala. Not sure how easy it would be to pry any of those guys away. They’ve done a good job bringing in young American receivers so don’t want to see them overpay on a guy nearing the end of his career - Burnham might be the only exception.

Great piece here from Lalji on Burnham

“When you’re Burnham and you see what Lucky Whitehead is making, you’re not going to settle for what you made previously. Can the Lions get Burnham done in the $160,000 to $170,000 range? Possibly. Do you want be paying receivers that amount of money? Hard to say.”

“There’s some people that view Burnham as this guy that wins contested balls, that’s a leader, that’s a veteran in your organization. There are others that view him as a 31-year old who makes contested catches because he can’t separate anymore,” Lalji explained, citing his own unofficial polling of six CFL GMs.

“Maybe the Lions can get him in that $160-170,000 range and maybe they can to pay receivers that much for at least one more year, because there aren’t going be those elite offensive and defensive linemen that you can go out and pay and get in free agency,” Lalji said. “I think all those guys are going to get signed by the time we get to February 9.”

I'd probably pick Acklin over Burnham as well. We have to remember that we would be getting 2022 Burnham, not 2018 or 2019 Burnham. Acklin would be most likely to win the Greg Ellingson Award, i.e. "the receiver we regret losing" for many years to come.

If I could pick one receiver to build around, it would be Addison.


Should add Jevon Cottoy and Jake Wieneke to the possible list. Cottoy fits the big bodied Canadian requirement.

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Actually Acklin reminds me of a younger version of Ellingson .