Signings for 2022

I see the club has brought the website roster pretty much up to date, listing 86 players. Tavai's name is yet to be removed, but every player we're aware of being signed is now on the roster, with a jersey number., including Tyler Turner and Baylen Buchanan, both of whom have yet to be announced by the club as signed. Two receivers, Marcus Green and Emmanuel Butler are, still, both listed as wearing #17. None of the 3 recent Global draftees have been reported signed and are they not listed.

Adding something brought to my attention by Grover, just as I finished this post:
The club has just announced the Turner and Burchanan signings.


ottawacat announced this 2 days ago

@ottawacat is ahead of everyone,
he does excellent work! :+1:


Another observation on the TiCats' roster -- Only 3 of the 20 players who were Tiger-Cats, at the time of the Grey Cup, here 5 months ago, but are no longer, have not, at least yet, had another player choose to take over their Hamilton jersey number -- Banks 16, Ciraco 60, and Murray 69.


Just another observation to add to this - the recently retired Tavai while still listed on the roster has the same number #41 as does recently signed DB Reggie Cole .

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Cole didn't have a number, on the website roster, until today,, so I assumed there really isn't a duplication of numbers or, al least there won't be when Tavai's new status is announced.

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That makes sense . Also it looks like the newly signed Buchanan has not be officially assigned a number as of yet as he and newly changed from #86 to #0 Bralon Addison are both listed as #0 on the current roster .

Once again a quick follow-up .
Besides the above aforementioned old numbers of #16 , #60 , #69 being available these are the other current numbers that are still available that haven't been assigned to anybody as of yet .

#51 , #65 , #66 , #70 , #71 , #72 , #73 , #74 , #79 , # 81 , #82 , # 86 .

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What happened in the Grey Cup? Jeffcoat twisted Dane's neck which was already sore. Coincidence? You can't prove otherwise. The Bombers knew it and a potential RTP call would be worth it to take out an ailing Evans.


Intent to injure is also a disqualification, suspension and fine.

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Any chance no one's claimed #82 because it's yours?
We may be able to keep this number watch, of ours, going a bit further, bobo.
I see now that Buchanan's first shown number "00" has been cut in half and, with Adeleke, we've got another number duplication.

That #82 I sport in my name was my sons number when he played ball . For those that remember I originally was bobo8224 . The #24 was the other number my son had when he played in his first two seasons before switching to number #82 . I had to ditch the 24 when the forum switched over and many of us had to changeup our on-line persona . :grinning:

As for the duplication part of Buchanan I believe you have got Adeleke mixed up with Addison . Addison is now # 0 from #86 but Adeleke is still number #2.


Training Camp Important Dates:

Wednesday May 11, 2022 – Rookie camps open

Saturday May 14, 2022 – CFL rosters reduced to 85 players

Sunday May 15, 2022 – Training camps open

Tuesday May 17, 2022 – CFL rosters reduced to 75 players (two days to show what you can do and then 10 players get cut. No time to mess around)

May 23, 2022 – Pre-season begins

The first game of 2022 kicks off with pre-season action between the Winnipeg Blue Bombers and Saskatchewan Roughriders. Every team will play two pre-season games between May 23 and June 3.

June 4, 2022 – End of training camp

Anyone else find it interesting that ticats rookie camp they aren’t hitting the field.. Makes me feel nervous for the start of main camps on sunday . With teams having 80-86 players already with some having 90+ and most teams already know who will be where and playing what, not much time for rookie players to so much of anything no matter what camp your at.

May 28th @ Hamilton then June 3rd @ TOR (in guelph). Wouldnt be surprised after May 28th to see a bunch of players cut as by June 3rd im sure Hamilton will have either close to their #'s or something because the game against Toronto I'm sure you will see alot of regulars in that game to get them prepared for the upcoming season


The Hamilton Tiger-Cats also announced the following player has been released:

NAT – DT – Donovan Glave

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You're right. My mistake. Thanks for catching it.

The latest new Tiger-Cat is another AM DB Traveon Beck who played 43 games, with 7 starts, over 4 years at U. California (16 - '19), playing as a nickleback / corner.back. While I don't know what he's been up to since, I do know that, if he still weighs what he did in his senior year at Cal, he's our lightest TiCat at 165 ibs. on 5'9" frame. From the Paramount area of L.A., Traveon has been a dirt bike racer since age 7.
Source: Transactions - Football Player Trades and Signings -


More number news ,bobo82 et al:
Emmanuel Butler is now shown as #16.

TiCats showing up at Bernie Custis High School pep rally today


Taking Speedy's old number I see . So would that that be large shoes to fill or perhaps in the case of Banks small shoes to fill considering how tiny in stature Speedy was ? :thinking:

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