Signings for 2022

Past season or 2?

Yup , the "or 2" should be definitely deleted .

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Just realized if you count the global picks and the draft picks were looking at 86 players or so at camp if i counted them i think there is something like 78 on the roster page right now and then the two draft picks so they will be having some loads of fun watching players in camp. Do the Rookies not report this week and then the vetsw report on next sunday?

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Players have been told by the union not to report to camp without a Contract

"We have made it clear we will not report to training camp without a new and fair collective agreement in place before the current agreement expires," Elimimian said.

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Hard to say what will happen with the rookies come Wednesday. They are not part of the union now but if they show up the union will be pissed. If they don't show up they may end up back in the arena league.

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What happened to Poesy?

Released and signed in BC...we could use a pocket full of his type though.

Where he wound up playing 1 game where he caught 1 pass for 4 yards on 5 attempts before being released . He is currently an unsigned FA as of this posting .


Living off his Grey Cup game where he was great for a while now.

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Yup it would appear so . Also like to note that he has had a problem with staying consistently healthy for any length of time in his career considering that in his 5 years in the league he has missed an astounding 49 games due to injury .


CFLPA on Twitter: "Official Statement from #TeamCFLPA - May 8th, 2022 #CFLPA #CFL" / Twitter

By the sounds of this rookies can attend this week but not the Veteran QBs

I wonder who the One Club with a history of retribution is

Where does it say one club?

Edit. Just saw the statement by the PA. Sounds like a Riders or Chris Jones thing to do.



Young guns were too good at a lower price. Fun to watch as well.

Dunbar Jr is a good bet for 1000 yds.


Just got email all draft picks 2022 signed


Who knew a simple update on a players health isnt giving away important, vital tactical information to the opposition something, something ?

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One or these statements raises questions, the other doesn't. Let's see if people can tell the difference.

"Bralon will be ready to go"


“Jake should be well-rested and we’ve had some back-and-forth conversation and from all indications he’s going to be ready to go, so we’re excited for that. He looked great in his first little bit of camp last year and then a lot of unfortunate things unfolded,” said head coach and president of football operations Orlondo Steinauer via videoconference.


In addition to reporting that they've signed all 6 of their 2022 CFL Draft picks, the Tiger-Cats, today, registered 2 more signings with the league:

AM DB Baylen Buchanan who played most of his college football at Tennessee before finishing up at Louisiana Tech, turns 24 next month, stands 5'11" and weighs 188. The Georgia native's dad, Ray, was an NFL cornerback, drafted by the Colts in the '93 third round. He went on to play with the Falcons and the Raiders.

NAT WR Tyler Turner comes out of U. Alberta after starting his college career at UBC.
The 6'2", 202 lb. pass catcher is from St. Albert, AB, near Edmonton. Turner was signed by the B.C. Lions in May of '20, but never got to play. and was released in December that year.
Source: Transactions - Football Player Trades and Signings -



If he WILL BE ready, then he's not ready NOW... Lol