Signings for 2022

It's at least as troubling as Dane publicly committing to give free agency a try.

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It could also mean that the news on Frankie Williams is not good and the Cats will give the KR/PR job back to Speedy. Probably with less of a role in the offence. He will likely sign at a reduced salary and retire as a Cat either in 2022 or 2023 if he still has anything in the tank.

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But , but who is going to be the designated kneeler on specials then ?

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I'm not sure. Timmy White is still with us but I doubt he would ever take a knee again. Best to put a new guy back there and assume that he knows the rules. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Ticats announced via twitter that they released American OL Jordan Murray to allow him to pursue NFL

I would expect Papi White to be re-signed as K/P returner and WR
I want Frankie Williams re-signed as DB,
but not to play ST's anymore for health reasons


Doesn’t sound promising

Don't be a year late.

This falls under the "comments that drive fans crazy" category.

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That man sure seems to have a malfunctioning mind/mouth interface...

Like 75% of the posters here! :rofl:


If moving on from Banks gets us Bryan Burnham to pair with his College QB... Thanks for the memories Speedy.

If it gets us a lotto ticket with more players at the league min, that's a problem


All of Danes contract #'s here

For the 2022 season Evans can earn $417,000 in hard money, including a $170,000 signing bonus, $223,000 base salary, $12,000 in housing with a $10,000 first time active roster payment and a $2,000 travel allowance.

He’ll take home $1,000 per game for playing 51 percent or more of the offensive snaps, $2,000 for being named an East Division all-star, $3,000 for being named a CFL all-star, $3,000 for being named the East Division Most Outstanding Player and $7,000 for being named the league MOP.

The first year could max out at $450,000 while year two has the same figures except the base salary bumps up $25,000 to $248,000 and his $170,000 comes in the form of a report and pass payment if he comes to training camp on time and passes his physical. Evans compensation in 2023 checks in at $442,000 in hard money with $460,000 possible through playtime cash plus the potential for an additional $15,000 in all-star and individual award bonuses.

While the official announcement regarding Dane Evan's contract came in 2022, I do think that it was agreed in December 2021, hence his $170,000 signing bonus would have no impact on the 2022 $$$cap.

Most probably the same happened with Willie Jefferson and Jeffcoat in Winnipeg.

In 2021 the approved cap was at $5.350 millions. Since there were only 14 games, the CFL teams had almost $1.2 millions "available", hence adding bonuses to some players against 2021 $$cap.


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I don't think that's how it works.

Salaries were "prorated" at 14/18 for the purpose of 2021. That doesn't mean the salary is less towards the cap. The full salary would likely still count towards the cap, or the cap would be lowered to 14/18 proration.

There's no way teams had an extra 1.2m to spend. There would have been a spending spree prior to 2022.

I have learned since 2019 to never put much faith in what Speedy says over Twitter. The real question is, would our team be better with him or without him , and could we use his potential salary in a better way? He is no longer the fastest player, but he proved in the last few games he can still get open. Is he able to play 18 games, as teams seemed to have a " separate him from the ball" strategy this year?

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Not sure it was a strategy as much as when the fastest receiver in the league is also the smallest.... It goes downhill fast when he's no longer the fastest.

He was trying to get out of bounds in the GC and got absolutely popped. A couple years ago he gets out of bounds.

He's a smart player and I'd gladly have him back, but not at the sacrifice of a big name free agent

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Honestly, if he accepts $120k, I think it's a pretty fair deal. I would love to have Burnham here, our receiving corps the last couple of seasons were pretty light on experienced players. Lots pf pure talent and speed, but not much refinement.
I like the fact that a guy like Acklin got better in his sophmore year rather than regress. That's the type of development the team needs, and it's easier to do that with one or two players, not four or five at once.
Same thing for DBs, except I think it's harder for them to adjust.


If Burnham and Addison means we lose Banks and Acklin, I'd be ok with it.

Spend the money on the OLine.


Steinauer is a huge fan of Acklin.

I can’t see the Ticats letting Acklin walk in free agency.

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