Signings for 2022

The Hamilton Tiger-Cats selected three players in today’s Canadian Football League 2022 Global Draft, including Australian punters Bailey Flint, Blake Hayes and Latvian defensive lineman Ralfs Rusins.

Flint, 25, played 50 games over his five seasons (2017-21) at the University of Toledo. The 6-4, 210-pound native of Melbourne, Australia was a back-to-back nominee Ray Guy award as the NCAA’s top punter in 2020 and 2021.

Hayes, 23, played 57 games over his five seasons (2017-21) at the University of Illinois. The 6-6, 225-pound native of Melbourne, Australia is Illinois’ all-time record holder in season punts inside the 20, season punts inside the 20 percentage, season 50+ yard punts, career punting average, career punt yards, career punts inside the 20 and career 50+ yard punts. He was the 2019 Big Ten Punter of the Year and named to the All-Big Ten First team in 2019.

Rusins played 37 games over his four seasons (2018-21) at Liberty University. The 6-6, 325-pound native of Carnikava, Latvia registered 141 total tackles, 15 tackles for loss, six quarterback sacks and one forced fumble with the Flames.


I think the first guy Flint might have an NFL mini camp tryout lined up ( finalist for Ray Guy award last two years). He’s likely the guy they really wanted but if he sticks around the NFL they covered the bases with the #8 pick. Both had good punting numbers. We’ll see who wins the punting and drinking competitions in camp.


I wonder what the beer budget is for the team... lol

Don’t forget they have an Irish ex- rugby guy too. Whatever you think you need add 30%.

Beer drinking contest
2 Aussies and an Irishman

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Add another zero before the decimal point... lol

Dane and Ty Ternowski still staying sharp


Seems like Michael Domagala was a better kicker


Surprised this hasn't been posted yet.

I've lost count now, it feels like we've signed around 50 lineman on both sides of the ball so far this offseason. I'm guessing they're looking to have a pretty big camp competition this year.

USFL teams showing urgency after week 3..... :thinking::thinking:

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If nothing else, they could make a good trade package.

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Ottawacat posted about this signing last week. About 140 posts back.

You're right. We've got a ton of linemen. Looks like the Cats recognized last year's problems (kicking and O-Line) and are trying to fix it. I like their approach of looking at a ton of players for each position.


Notable quotes
"Bertolet was one of my least favourite kickers in the CFL"
"I'm going to do my best to refrain from hating on the guy moving forward, but only because he's playing for my favourite team."

Well we are looking good after
All the drafts and trades. But we
Still don’t have a replacement for
Speedy. What’s are problem?

Let’s wait until training camp and see who shines. We may not need a duplicate Of speedy.


I would say Tim White was already used last year a lot like Speedy was. They used him for a lot of the end around type sweeps that used to go to Banks. They might feature Papi White a bit more, play Marcus Green or some other rookie.


I want 5 Earl Winfield (Praise Be His Name) clones, but that's not going to happen.


If you think about it you have Addison, Dunbar, Durant, P. White, T. White, and Ungerr... With how much Banks got injured last year im sure anyone of those 6 WR can fill his spot.. Keep in mind we also have Burt and Ternowski as well.


Banks wasn't much a factor the past season or 2, barely targeted last year. It's the speedy B from 2015-19 we have to replace, but that's not an easy thing to do.

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Pro tip: Great way to avoid the problem of repleacing a star player is not letting him leave in the first place.

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