Signings for 2022

My bad. Missed the sarcasm. Sorry bout that.

I fully agree. Dressing only 2 was/is a mistake. One QB goes down in a game and your punter (or someone else) is your backup. With all the injuries in 2021, I hope the CFL learned something and will change it for 2022.


Don't count on it with Mr. Global aka Randy Bobandy running the show .


Who's Mr Lahey? :rofl:

And more to the point, we've had issues with our QBs getting injured the last decade or so. It seems the Game #1 starter never seems to play much more then half the games the last number of years.

A solid #2 option is a must.

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Yes. But it impacts all 9 teams and impacts the quality of play.

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I agree with three QBs. The position is so important to the quality of play. Your starter. A vet backup who can come in and play but not quite good enough to be a starter and a young guy who gets to learn and grow. Two QBs inevitably means young guy forced to play too early or below avg bet gets cut and then brought in after injury but with few reps and limited play book.

If Watford was still running all our QB sneaks, Dane would not have been injured in the East Final, nor (presumably) reinjured in the Grey Cup.


And Masoli possibly wouldn't have been stuffed in the GC. How many of those did he run this year? (Can't be many at all).

Somebody? :thinking:

probably recognizing our coaching failure (with respect to "the play")

Speedy has never shied from giving his opinions.

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That tweet from Speedy makes me think that Banks has been told, or believes, that he is probably not in Hamilton’s plans going forward. I hope I’m wrong. He has been great for us.

That said, like Masoli, Banks is older now, and has taken some huge hits/missed more and more games lately.

The Ticats may be looking at taking the savings they will bank by letting Speedy walk, and using that cash elsewhere.

I envision Banks waiting to see where Masoli eventually signs, then offering his services to that team. Banks and Masoli have solid chemistry that any team would immediately benefit from.

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I hate to say it, but I think Banks is probably the guy we let go. He's not the same player he was a few years back.

I think there's a spot for him if he's willing to take a reduced roll, not starting but rotating for some plays, but I think he believes he still has more to give and will want to be a starter still, and it might have to be elsewhere.

Well not a signing but a release today . The team has released ot - Jordan Murray to pursue his NFL options . Good luck to the young man in his future endeavors down south .


That's too bad he looked promising. If things don't work out hopefully he comes back.

Well I will say this about Murray , at a tree sized 6' 9" and 325 lb he has to be one of the biggest if not the biggest O-Lineman that we have ever had on this team .

Everybody saw what Banks was last year.
He said himself he didn't want to be the #1 guy anymore.
He also said right after the game that he's done.

So I think when he sees what's out there, there may be a role for him here.

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He didn't play too bad against J&J in the cup. He stopped Jefferson dead in his tracks with one big paw to the chest a couple of times. Sometimes pure size can't make up for a lot of things.

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Too bad about losing Murray but wish him well. I’m sure some NFL team will have room for a guy that gigantic. He helped solidify the oline when we were struggling.
Was also impressed with Vornkahl though so hopefully he’s back and tag teams with Van Zeyl at the tackle spots.


I think Banks signs back in Hamilton. When he wasn't injured he was starting to be our best receiver down the stretch again. Plus he will not expect 200K. I guess around 120-140k. Still a bargain IMO. He seems motivated to Play again based on his Twitter and he seems to be trying to bulk up a bit to maybe avoid injury. As for saying playing "somewhere" in his post, until a deal is done , what else is he supposed to say?