Signings for 2022

Lots of signings from around the league announced the last few days. From the Cats.... crickets

Was going to say as of today it isn't a very long thread.

I was hoping they'd sign that Crickets guy early before he hopped to another team .


Meanwhile over in Edmonton the cutting and bloodletting have begun in the Jones era 2.0 as the axe has been swung down on 11 vets . Clearly the rebuild has begun in the land of the Elks .


Buddy Holly , God rest , is not available . It's not so easy to find a good match . :slightly_smiling_face:

Pat Lynch (Ray Holley was a Cat)


Jimmy " Crickets " DeRatt was also a Cat in a former live . :grinning:

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Yes indeed , he played 7 games for the Cats in 1976 . The QBs were Jimmy Jones and Rick Cassata and George Dickson ( 2 games)and Bob Shaw were the head coaches .

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How many GMs does a signing have to go through before it's approved by Steinauer?

Maybe too many chefs in the kitchen this year.

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Enough of the cute replies. Address the issue. Most of the other teams are active in signing players. Why is there no word from the Ti-cat head officd


Congratulations. You've managed to create a thread where everyone agrees. Hence the cute replies.
There's nothing to argue about

"How do I criticize management on how they handle a budget without it looking like I'm criticizing Young ?"

An HTC fan tradition since 2004.


The Ticat signing announcements will come fast and furious after they get Dane Evans signed long term first. What they pay their starting QB will impact the team’s free agent budget. Therefore that domino must fall first.

My guess is that Ticat management and Evans’ agent have been negotiating a long term deal, and that takes time.

I hope you are correct.

If Evans doesn't get locked up by the Cats....well....I'm not going to go there.

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It could be a long wait if Evans is serious about wanting to see what is out on the free agency market.

It's the CFL. He probably already knows.

Ticats making some moves today.

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2021-12-30 HAM BUTLER, Emmanuel WR A Northern Arizona Add To Active Roster
2021-12-30 HAM BINGHAM, Ronheen DL A Arkansas State Add To Active Roster
2021-12-30 HAM RICHARDS, Jarek LB N Saint Mary's Add To Active Roster
2021-12-30 HAM MORTON, Jalen QB A Prairie View A&M Add To Active Roster
2021-12-30 HAM IZINYON, David DL N Add To Active Roster
2021-12-30 HAM CAMPBELL, Malcolm DL N Toronto Add To Active Roster
2021-12-30 HAM BENCZE, Joseph OL N McMaster Add To Active Roster

Is it bad that I only recognize Bencze from that list?