Signings for 2010

CFL Transactions shows the Cats have signed the following four recently released from the Practice Roster

HAM ADD IMP Isaac BROWN (LB) Central Michigan
HAM ADD IMP LaRoche JACKSON (DB) Clark Atlanta
HAM ADD IMP Rodgeriqus SMITH (WR) Auburn

The beef with me is we need to keep Jeremy Ito around. Nick is not always going to be Setta and forgetta in fact I don't even think he is that right now. The second and third things are we need to trade Quinton Porter and Tre Smith to the Edmonton Eskimos for Byron Parker to help for DBs and KRs. We also need to trade Andre' Sadeghian to Edmoton for Tim St. Pierre (the steeltown native himself.)

The can of worms is officially open :cowboy: :lol:

I would hold off trading anyone for Byron (Argos think he was only worth a 4th round pick) Parker because he becomes a free agent this offseason.

Porter is the furture QB for Hamilton, one more year as Glenn as number 1 and Porter should be ready to take his spot!

There is no reason to sit or get rid of Glenn if he continues to play like he did your the last part of the season. Glenn gave an MOP effort in the last part of the season, and may have been a candidate for the award had he started the season. Porter is not that much younger than Glenn, and at Glenn's age, he could play another 8 years, just look at Calvillo and Allen.

That was what I was thinking will likely happen as well, but like Bruce13thMan said, if Glenn keeps playing the way he has, no need to fix something that ain't broken.

From one “Rev.” to another…
Do you have divine assurance that the Eskies would have anything to do with these trades?

No I do not have any divine knowledge, after all I am in shipping not in management so to speak, plus it was my son using my account without my

Anyway, I think the two major issues are DB and returner with a little more work on the d-line. I don't care how Obie does it and I have no doubt he will do that and more.

Now now, we don't want Porter turning into Calvillo, give him two more seasons at least. I will agree though, we should be keeping Ito around. Setta seems to be having trouble staying healthy, and while his Punting has been great, his Field Goal attempts this season have been less then stellar. If we could snag Justin Medlock from the chaos that is the Argos right now, I'd be happy with that too.