Signings after cutdowns

By my math the Riders had a couple spots open, and we see some of the moves to fill those according to Dunk.
Mrabure-Ajufo was a first round pick last your, and they picked up an OLman who was a projected potential #1 pick until he was injured, which perhaps makes the Picton move make sense

A bit more on 2, now 3 players scooped up...

Ese Mrabure-Ajufo - 5th overall pick last year by the Lions. His draft position is a little deceiving because he was projected as a 3rd rounder, maybe 2nd. Wally must have been really impressed by his test scores for 40-yard dash, vertical jump, and broad jump...tops for DLmen. Seems like a good pickup for nothing none the less.

Dillon Guy Was a 4th round pick this year by the Lions, but a steal. He has battled some injuries but is apparently good to go. He was rated as the top OL in the draft until injury. He can play both C and G...which explains Picton....who somebody should grab, because he is solid (Bombers)

Shane Hebert spent a few seasons with the Argos. I am rather surprised with this pickup TBH...but it is some more NI to look at I guess. Likely a PR guy....maybe STs

Sounding like Kinne is high probabability to be on his way soon....he looked pretty good in action and I think will be ahead of Coleman pretty fast. He seems like a pretty diverse QB in that he can sit in the pocket but can also move around when needed...definately a pass first guy but great athlete who has toyed with other positions including RB....pretty shifty in open field which is interesting....check out some clips on will probably like him on some level.

Also hearing they are talkingf to BJ Daniels agent is talking a bit with the club....still want to see if anything opens up NFL wise...but I am kinda thinking he will be a Rider.