The Lions just signed a good one in Anton McKenzie.
The Riders will miss him on their D

Yes, great news and welcome to BC Anton!

The SMS must be working given there were three significant FA signings today and all with different teams.

McKenzie — BC
Rob Murphy — TO
Mo Lloyd — Edm

Thanks for three great seasons in BC #56. A real character and leader who put this team over the top in 2006. You will be missed. Great to know he will at least be closer to relatives with his young family.

good one buono said that he isn't signing anyone else so they are going to US camps to fill the holes

Murphy signed quite the deal with the Argos. He is making about wide reciever or running back money. Good for him and Toronto, bad for us.

Yeah.. one signing or two...and wally says he is going to fill holes from U.S tryout camps. Lions are going to be near or at the bottom of the division this year. Take a good look at the team we have with all the departures. Were in trouble. :cry:

We will definitely miss him.