signing while under contract allowed???

There has been much discussion about the fact that signing Williams while under contract with the NFL should not be allowed. Interesting that on this very website it says that they other way around is allowed.

A player permitted to sign with a NFL club while under contract to the CFL.

So those of you going after TW for allowing this to happen just might ask why it is ok to do it the other way around?

Because of an agreement between the CFL and the NFL, players entering their option year in the CFL have a brief window of opportunity in which they may sign with an NFL club. If they do not make the team, they have 10 days to try and sign with another NFL team; if they fail to do so, their services revert back to the CFL team who holds their contract.
This is part of the arrangement that saw the NFL provide the CFL with a huge interest-free loan, as well as marketing help that contributed to the resurgence of our league. Without that agreement, the CFL would have died 10 years ago.

There are a couple of HUGE differences between this and the Ricky Williams situation:

  1. This occurs because of an agreement between the two leagues that specificially spells out the terms, not because of a loophole in which it is not explicitly forbidden.
  2. Ricky Williams is not in his option year with the Dolphins.

Personally, I don't care. Not only is Ricky Williams not the best running back in the CFL, he's not even the best running back on the Argos. Every play that he's on the field is one less down that we'll have to worry about John Avery or Jeff Johnson, both of whom outshone Williams in pre-season.

Bang on DB....

Thanks BD, that clarifies it for me...

So , who is your choice for a better , new CFL Commish , who can do a better job than TOM done and won’t be a BOG , yes man? :thup:

NOTE : They have to actually want this thankless job. :thup:

It is so easy to critize , but do you have ANY solutions? :cowboy:

I still welcome suspended players from the NFL if their suspension doesn't make sense to me, but thank god that Smith is gone.

BTW, if the CFL becomes popular enough, which I think it will, to the point where they don't needs this NFL agreement anymore, do you think they will change it? seems a bit farm league, but it did keep the pro CFL in the black in the most terrible time it it's history.