[signing] Saskatchwan adds Josh Ranek.

with injurys to both Corey & Wes Cates the riders were looking for insurance & have found it in Josh Ranek signing him to a PR agreement.

I will be able to cheer for what should have been most of the ti- cat team

Great news! I've been a Ranek fan since his Ottawa days. I just hope he's not the one to score the winning TD against the Argos this weekend.

An Argo-Cat fan

Funny, a few years ago. The Grey Cup winning Edmonton Eskimos were jokingly called the Hamilton Eskimos because of the amount of Hamilton trained players they had on Edmonton team.

And now the Riders are following the same trait... Go Hamilton Riders Go!!

Makes you wonder why couldn't these players shine and excell on a Hamilton team? Is it as simple as bad coaching? Hmm....

The Eskimos also let Ranek go this year, I don't remember if it was before or after they released Troy Davis. My point is that not all the players we let go or trade away become instant stars on their new teams.
But this year is certainly the worst I can ever remember for releasing or trading away already good ball players and even a very promising prospect in Getzlaf.[/b]

Ranek was one of my favourites, he was really like Lumsden used to bowl people over. I think he had 3 1,000 yard seasons in Ottawa and he was a great receiver out of the backfield.
Too bad he was injured, its great he gets another chance.

i believe he was released during training camp, if im not mistaken.

slowly but surely alot of the players that were evaluated as expendable are being seen as useful to other teams, some donkey early on in the season was convinced that marcel knew what he was doing by letting all these CHARACTER guys go.
why is it then that the cfl’s most brilliant GM,- (redbush)hands down has taken these castoffs in and basically built a contender with guys that YOUR gm thought were useless to him and harmful to the overall cohesion of a winning team? don’t even try
to justify these moves because its not like you got value for value in ANY of the trades.
one whole season was sacrificed, not to mention
tiger-cat pride- all in the name of branding this team HIS.

just remember this going into your off-season. anyone can dangle money in front of a free-gent like geroy
and if he does in fact decide to come to steeltown
it will not be because of anything the GM has done-it will be all casey.

           city legend

It's because they weren't trying... :lol: ...must have been true because Marcel said so. :wink:

According the the cfl.ca website, the Riders released former Ticat receiver Chris Getzlaf from the practice roster today to make room for Josh Ranek.

"Name: 2007-10-30: Roughriders Transactions:
Roughriders Transactions

NON-ACTIVE 30-Oct-07

SSK ADD IMP Josh RANEK (RB) South Dakota State


And Saskatchewan fans thought Getzalf was the second coming of Ray Elgaard when Desjardins traded him and Holmes to the Riders for Armstead. Guess Marcel knew he wasn't giving up much when he threw Getzalf into that deal.

Tillman brought Ranek in to the league while he was the GM in Ottawa.
He knows what to expect from Ranek for sure.

Ranek being signed means nothing to the Cats . We are much better at RB and are spending alot less money on a guy in Cauley who is alot better and has a much better upside !!!!

The Ball Hate Returns..

so lets pick up getzlaf

Lots of fuss being made these days about guys that have been sitting at home WATCHING football since the Cats let them go being picked up for a few games to temporarily plug holes on injury-depleted rosters.

I don't think Ranek has anything left...

lol another former cat to win a greycup! looks good on us!

agree there!

How so? Every team in the league has a former Ticat buried somewhere on their roster - that doesn't mean that, even if we had every one of those players back on our roster, we'd win the Grey Cup.

A team of former Cats might be able to beat the current Cats, but that's not saying much.