signing of Bo Palmer

The Spec recently reported

"...the Calgary Stampeders have signed former Ticats running back Bo Palmer, who was released Nov. 5."

I personally have no problem with this, but there was a lot of "integrity of the game" discussion on this board recently about Troy Smith being released after October 16 so he couldn't sign with anyone else and Grigsby asking for his release before that date so he could sign with someone else. So anyone know why Palmer can be signed? I am guessing because he was released from the practice roster but I don't know. If it really is an integrity of the game issue it is strange that it applies to part of the roster but not the other.

I could be wrong on this but I think in regards to PR players and the rules, another team can put in a claim for a player,and the host team can veto the transaction by automatically transferring the player to the 46 man active.If the host team doesn't do this then the claiming team has to automatically place the player on their 46 man. This situation occurred to us before the last game versus Toronto this season when they put in a claim for lb-Chris Johnson off our PR. The Cats vetoed the transaction and were forced to place Johnson on the 46 man for that contest. Practice roster players are by rule fair game for anyone to sign,but there is an unwritten rule among GM's about signing other teams PR players before contacting and consulting them first. I would think that in this instance Huf probably called Austin first and asked about the availability of Palmer and if he would mind if he put in a claim for Palmer,it makes sense considering that Calgary has Cornish as their starting rb and Palmer being Canadian as well would be good insurance and not affect the Stamps ratio. Austin obviously didn't see a need to activate Palmer to the active as he now has no need for him with the acquisition of Nick Grigsby and also having Madu and Carter available to fill up the backup rb spot on the roster.