[signing] Montreal. Son of NFL Great.

Montreal have signed Runningback & son of NFL legend Jarrett Payton (Walters Son)

Jarrett has spent time in NFL Europe where he won a League championship playing for Amsterdam & also spent time with the NFL's Tennessee Titans.

Jarrett has signed a one year deal plus an option.


Jarrett never got Respect in the NFL.
Due to his Father Huge Shadow
Here atleast he Be his own man..

Good Luck to him

Now why can't we find players like this I know we don't need a running back but just think of all the players that Hamilton is missing out on because of the lack of scouting.

Jarrett Payton was a great player for Miami and didn't get a chance in the NFL. Now that montreal signed him we are in for some trouble if the Alouettes play him. Not to mention Walter Paytons son and mentored of Emmitt Smith, I see a great future in the CFL for him and can you say Mike Pringle JR. lol

Montreal has had his Rights for a While..
I agree he is Quite a Coo for the Al's

Before we criticize the Ticat scouting too much, let's see what talent, and not just names, they bring to camp.
1. Waaaaaaaay back in 1961, the Ticats signed Jim Joyce, a "name" running back out of Maryland who was going to make us forget Cookie Gilchrist. Joyce got beaten out by Don Soberdash, a much lesser name, but a better all-round RB; unfortunately he tore up a knee and never got a chance to show anything in a real game.
2. Remember the "no-names" who made the Ticats and went on to stardom: Willie Bethea, the afore-mentioned Cookie Gilchrist, Earl Winfield,m etc., etc.
3. The closest we ever came to a "name" RB was Steve "Woo-woo" Wooster, who made a respectable, if not overly impressive impression before he was busted.

We already have some good RBs, let's see what Craig Smith and Mike McCarthy have for us for training camp.