[signing] Mike McMahon to Toronto

Former NFL "Star" :lol:

signs on with the Argos.

OH NO ticats are screwed now.


someones gotta lead that offense - Im sure crouch isnt ready for it, and they couldn't count on Damon returning or Bishop ditching the AFL.
You make it sound like NFL cuts all suck... some of the CFL's great came here after 'failing' in the NFL so who knows!

NFL qb if he starts in the cfl will have a very big learning curve.

Another NFL nobody pfft. seriously there should be a rule for the CFL on NFL QB.

If you've been on 3 teams & only passed for 2,867 Yards you shouldnt be allowed To join a CFL Team.

However You can become the CFL commissioner.

How come McMahon didn’t return to report this?

I was watching Sportsnet and they showed McMahon throwing some routes and the only 2 throws they showed were absolute ducks.

Jimmy Kemp revisited. :wink:

Buckle up because if this is the best the Double Blue is going to do, the Ballard Cup race just got a lot more interesting. :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,

we need Pal Hal's Cup back in Hamilton..

why can't the cats find any NFL has bin's?

Like Jeff Garcia

After the year Garcia had, I doubt he'll be back in Canada.
I also heard that McMahon turned down a spot with the Cleveland Browns to sign with Toronto.

Like Timmy Rosenbaugh?

He must have pretty low confidence in himself then.

He heard from Ricky Williams that there’s a store in Canada called “Herbal Magic”?

I just think that the argo's are better at
finding qb's than the cats, and this has to

Name one q.b who they have found in the past ten years who has done anything in this league.

N.Green originally came from toronto and
he has done pretty good over the years.

How you name one QB that the cats have
brought up from the US since chuck eally
(excuse my spelling)30 years ago.

Hey..Is N.GREENE still a free agent?
He would be a good backup!

The Argos currently have 4 QB's under contract; Allen, Eric Crouch, Mike McMahon, Tom Arth, with the possiblity of Bishop a few weeks into the season. It's a good mix of veterans and youth. There is a lot talent in this group. The team has been active with still over 3 months to camp. It will be a competitive camp and that is what you want out of your management.