"Signing Freeze"

Saskatchewan has no Head Coach and they are signing players for next year.

Edmonton and Calgary have no Offensive Coordinators and they are signing players for next year.

Does Desjardins not have any say in personnel until a Head Coach is chosen. :?

I’m confused :?

I think the key is that they are RE-signing players. Perhaps the fact that we haven't is an indication that we're not in a rush to sign any of our free agents or maybe it isn't. They may want to have the HC decide which FA's they want to re-sign. Just a thought.

Your right borehamgirl...and actually its good news maybe that means some of these player of our that are free agents wont be coming back. CFL free-agency isnt until Feb I think.

we only have like four or five FAs from our team....

Some teams like the riders had 26...

What is worrying me is that while we've waited months for a new head coach, we're missing out on some good candidates for assistant coaches. George Cortez just signed as OC in Calgary. By twiddling our thumbs, we missed out on a good candidate.
Time for Taafe to poop or get off the porcelain methinks.