[Signing] Buffalo Bills Sign DE Corey Mace

1 year deal. roughly in the range of $93,600US [PR Money]


lol @ the Argos.

HAHAHA, great trade Obie :thup:

i can't help but laugh at this, so we basically got Bruce for nothing at all (for now at least)

:thup: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: Obie just won the poker game!

sucks to be the argos :stuck_out_tongue:

Obie's the BEST. He should start a school for player trade negotiations, he seems to have schooled a few guys already!

So there it is.

Zeke Moreno for Arland Bruce III.

I'd rather have Zeke

I'd rather have Bruce. Our D is fine, our O is stalled at the moment. Besides, Bruce pretty much guarantees a labour day sell out.

ahhh, he'll play in toronto one day, The Toronto Bills.

Dwayne Forde pipes in abut this deal... things might look different to Forde now with this signing...lol

Forde Q&A on the Arland Bruce Trade

Looks good on the Argo-nots. Ha Ha Ha. Arland Bruce for nothing! Brilliant Obie.

Ya, This was mentioned during the 5th qtr last night. Here is an article.

[url=http://www.nationalpost.com/sports/story.html?id=1851340]http://www.nationalpost.com/sports/stor ... id=1851340[/url]

Interesting, his agent said

"This is exactly what we expected would happen, and just what we've told anyone in the CFL who would listen, that this was the most likely scenario"

Does this mean the Argo's did not listen? hmmm

I hope he has a LONNNGG career there lol.

If Mace has a good chance to make the Bills, why did it take this long for Buffalo to sign him again? Why did no other NFL team pick him up? I agree with Obie's decision not to sign Mace for what he was asking. Now he is the Argos problem....when he gets cut again, perhaps B.C. (his home province) would be interested.

Karma, sometimes you can be so awesome!! :rockin:

Timing is everything. It couldn't happen to a nicer team. Despite what certain fans think I would take Bruce for Zeke in a heartbeat, Obie is on record as saying Zeke cannot cover outside the box..... OK let the Moreno lovers take their best shots. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Obie traded the most valuable defensive player he inherited and got zero in return. He's trying to justify the trade and frankly no matter what you think of Zeke, it was the worst trade possible unless he planned to cut the guy.

Seriously? With the massive improvements we've made and a winning 3-2 record people are still hounding Obie about the Moreno trade? How bout thanking him for Goodspeed? How bout thanking him for Jamall Johnson? How bout thanking him for Justin Hickman, Garrett McIntyre, Deandra Cobb, Denis Haley? How bout thanking him for Arland Bruce and Kevin Glenn? How bout thanking him for Mike Gibson and Greg Marshall? The list goes on....

I couldnt have said it better. Yes Zeke made some good plays and he was quite popular with the fans, but its done and over with. I cant believe some people are still hung up on that trade. For all the Obie critics: what was our record this time last year? And really, I think the first quarter of the Canada Day game was the only 15 mins of football that our team played badly. We're getting better and things are really turning out and thats mostly thanks to Obies management.

Gimme a break!

Moreno didn't fit into what Obie had planned for this team. As you can see the Defence is now built on speed. Something good old Zeke doesn't have.

Why do I bother getting sucked into these Moreno trade debates all the time. Will it never end.......

This will be my final comment on the Zeke Moreno trade.....I'm now glad he's gone and I really like this team.

Go Cats