Signing Bobby Ackles

Ah... stability in management. Ackles is now locked up long term.

Can we see the good old days of 50,000 + for the regular season?

....I see by the picture on the home page that Bobby is doing his best Casey Printers imitation.....

...good signing Sporty, like you said, solidity and credibility at the top is the key for success......

Yeah....But still need some more linemen for our fragile QB.....Got any to spare Red?

Well Singh is back, thats a start, how about we send you Abou Mechrek back and you send us Miles......:slight_smile:

Uh No, We'll keep Miles thank you.

Wally signed two linemen that had about 5 games NFL experience between them so the jury is out on how they will be. I'd also feel more comfortable if we signed one more linebacker as well.

hmmm, too many imports on the oline could mean ratio problems........but you have to protect DD, not much choice.......

Yeah, I thought about that ratio thing, but Wally seemed to juggle things last year. A few times throughout the season we had an import on the line.