[signing] Belli signs with argos.

I know there are other topics about this but its now official.


Good Riddance to bad Rubbish
I can't wait to boo him..

Oh, this is going to be lots of fun!

Let the games begin!

Lets all think of Names to call Belli when comes to ISW

How about :
Beer Belli
Belli The meat mover Deli

I’m looking forward to him continuing his tradition of penalties :slight_smile:

I am looking forward to booing my voice hoarse
watching us run up the gut on The Bellicose One
over and over for one first down after another.


It will feel like it felt booing Mike O’Shea
when he turncoated on us.

Congratulations on signing with Toronto Belli, the TiCats need team players not team whiners, so you fit in perfectly with Mike O'Shame and the gang!!!

Big difference between Belli and O"Shea. O'Shea was a great player that actually helped his team win and he conducted himself with class during all of the unwarranted grief he received from the Ticat faithful. He got his because it hurt Ticats to the bone that he'd chose Toronto over Hamilton but Belli will receive his because of the way he treated Hamilton while he was here

Belli is a very good player and with Peterson ( if they resign him ) would of given us some continuity in the middle of the D line . I hope we werent outbid for him with all the players with bigger contracts that we released !!!!!

O'Shea is a sure fire hall of fame player with class.
Belli is neither and whether he is good enough to overcome the negatives is even in dispute. Personally I don't think he's any better than average

Belli is the new O'Shea at Ivor Wynne Stadium

Belli and O'Shea are both classless and dirty players. O'Shea may be a hall of famer, but he is a dirty player and its tough to call a dirty player classy. I detest them both.

They are both winners and do what it takes to win games.

I agree. It's going to make the trench battles versus the Argos a lot more intense. It will be interesting to watch. I have more confidence in the interior of our O-line then at tackle (apart from Woodard). It will be interesting to see how the draft choices we expect in the mix this year (esp. Gagne-Marcoux) will fare.

Oski Wee Wee,

"offside" belli will help the double blue battle winnipeg for last place.

I couldn't agree more about O'shea.He is a dirty player and shows a true lack of sportsmanship on the field.