Signed a lineman

Didn't see anything on here yet but on Friday the Als signed South Carolina prospect Gurminder Thind. Should battle for a spot right away and will be a nice, big addition to the squad.

And there is still Mr. Woodruff a 330 pound tackle (Five year Div 1 starter) who is highly anticipated and could be in Montreal by the fall...

Andrew Woodruff moved well as a big man showing that he might be able to move with NFL linemen.

Yeah that would make for a serious twin rookie towers on the o line.

Its on the Als site

Gurminder has only played 4 or so games in the last 3 seasons. But he managed to go from red shirt to starter in two years under Spurrier and if he's healed up I could see the Als grooming him to play center. Woodruff would be an immediate candidate to fight for a starting spot.

Future of Als Oline is very bright wtihg Bourke, Perrett, Thind, Woodruff,Brodeur, Kahrut. Especialy if Scott Flory continues to play for a few years. Chiu and Lambert are year to year but still top drawer imo.

If he pans out.... you are welcome....
Hopefully that's that with the godforsaken Henri Childs deal....

Thind had a tough career at South Carolina. Injured in '06, missed 3 games in '07, played some LG, played some RT and Spurrier switched things up a fair bit too. Stuck behind that monster Justin Sorenson in the rotation for RT. All that together though doesn't tarnish a 6'4" 281lb prospect too much. The Als must've seen something to offer a 3 year deal as well.

He was on my wish list for young offensive linemen.

All those reasons may well be why he was only a 4th round pick. ET apparently thought he was going to even retire. A prospect is a prospect once they hit TC. The 3 year deal doesn't mean much---only one more than minimum--unless there was a substantial signing bonus.

Sorensen was Thind's backup. He took over as starter when Thind hurt his back. Up until Thind injured his ankle he was the most promising linesman on his team. Hopefuly he's healed well.