Signature Uniforms

I have a question, are the Ti-Cats going to wear these jerseys again, or was it just a money grab for teams to get the fans to spend $200 on a jersey that will be worn once!

I really think it is a marketing strategy to get you to purchase these jerseys move merchandise .if i can remember correctly tlast years retro jerseys were only used for 1 game

Last year was the WildCats jersey "Which I also bought" , so I can see that being worn only once, but the new signature's should be worn more often!

I noticed a lot of fans at the game last night wearing the signatures,but I have to admit the best jerseys that we saw last night were the half and half Cat and Eskimo ones worn by the King family.They have both sons playing in the league,Neil for us(who didn't dress and was on the IL)and their other son Ryan who is Edmonton's Long snapper.

I don't understand how it's a money grab if it 's worn once. Why does it matter how many times they wear it?

If I remember correctly from the article that came out announcing the signature jerseys, the teams are to wear them twice this season and again next season for likely a couple of games. Not sure whether they will wear them beyond that.

Noticed with the LDC and Banjo Bowl that both the Riders and the Bombers still trot out their retro unis for those games.

The teams will wear the signature jerseys for a minimum of two home games this year. Since the Argos' signature jerseys are white, there may be a rematch of the third jerseys in Toronto this fall as well.

Cats are wearing them Oct 4th.

Thanks Crash!!

Money Grab?
the team didn't force you to buy it, did they? :roll:

I didn't care much for the signature jerseys when I first saw them. I still don't like the Saskatchewan or Winnipeg versions, not that I would buy them anyway. The Hamilton design is growing on me. If I had the dollars right now, I would be tempted to purchase one (still don't like the pants).

Yes, that is why the league has done this. get more money from the fans. Many leagues, including the mighty NFL use this strategy.

How often the team wears them matters little to me.

I got my answer! Also ya no ones forced me to buy one, I was simply asking a question! Man some people get really uptight on here if you say the wrong thing. Anyone that knows me, knows I support this team 110% and have spend $1000's on merchandise threw out the years! I also bought a wild-cats jersey last year, which I knew was only going to be worn once, so ya I would have been disappointed if they worn the Signature jersey only once! Like I said I got my answer!


There are those who attend the games wearing old jerseys that haven't been around for years and I, for one, like seeing them because they bring back memories of some of the great teams of the past along with the names that are adorned on them. I also seeing a variety of styles and not the current edition.

But that's me....

I didn't really like the all white look the Cats had yesterday in Toronto.

Mind you can you imagine if they come out with a future 'signature uniform' that sort of copies the Steelers third uniform that Pittsburgh were wearing today. Wild to look at - although I do like the socks - lol.