Signature Uniforms

Well Edmonton has finally unveiled their uniforms, I think they were the last team to do so. What are your thoughts?
I think I like them, it’s the most bold jersey of all of them and maybe the best in my opinion.

My top 3:


Edmonton as I have said because it is by far the most bold and true to its colours and heritage.

BC has those awesome gunmetal uniforms that look mean.

Some may disagree about Sask being the 3rd best as I’ve seen a lot of negativity towards them in the forums, but they are different and remind me a of a flashy college jersey kinda like Oregon (not comparing the two, just the flashy and different aspect).

A few notable mentions…
-Toronto’s entire uniform is great as well with the blue and white and I would probably rank it 4th.
-Calgary’s helmets, however their jersey is incredibly boring and uninspired apart from the two guns on the shoulder which is a nice bonus.

The worst jersey award goes to Winnipeg. Even though I dont mind the idea, they definitely missed the mark. Where is the gold? Are you kidding me? I dont mind the camouflage on the helmets and shoulders but there should have been gold incorporated into the jersey anywhere! Very disappointing.