Signature Jerseys

Did anyone else notice we decided not to bring back the grey pants with the grey jerseys? Has me concerned that we aren't interested in wearing these uniforms very often. Considering how many they sold, and the fact that other teams have wore them 2-3 times already, Im surprised from a marketing perspective the team hasn't embraced them more. They are really sleek and the general consensus is that they are awesome.

No Crash. They were wearing the same complete Signature uniforms as last year, including the pants with the word Hamilton down the one side.

Youre right, I just looked it up. I just don't remember them being that dark.
Id still love to see them more.

You will see them wear them a few more times now i feel, they like to save them for Labour Day game think they used them 2 other times last season after the Unvail on LD lets wait and see :slight_smile: but yes i just love them too

I read, somewhere, that this is the final year of the CFL deal with Reebok and that Reebok owns the rights to the Signature Series of CFL uniforms. If so, you won't be seeing them beyond this season.

This is true cant wait for the Reebok sell off at the Tiger cats Store could be some sweet deals to be had

Found the link to the story I'd read on the CFL/Reebok deal coming to an end:

Wow. Talk about a cash grab. I believe they wore them twice last year, and will likely wear them twice this year.
That's frustrating.

I for one am glad that I have purchased all my desired Reebok jersey's as I cannot stand the look of those Nike V neck monstrosities that the NFL uses.

That is true; however, if, as rumoured, Adidas is the new supplier then the Signature uniforms would probably still be around because Adidas owns Reebok and therefore owns the rights to the Signature uniforms.

I like the standard home and away jersey's either black or white, the only vintage jersey I thought was pretty cool was the Wildcats worn a couple of seasons ago with the Red & White pretty cool!

Maybe next season when we play the Argo's at BMO Field we can wear the Wildcat uniforms and at least look like we fit into the red seated stadium unlike the Blue Arblows that stand out, Way Out!!


I'm not sure that they kept the red Wildcat jerseys. I thought I remembered them being sold off at the end of the 2013 season.

Too bad, I thought they were pretty cool. If Adidas jumps into the CFL Sponsorship maybe they can make a version of the Wildcats Jersey with the Tiger-Cat colours of Black & Yellow with the Yellow WildCats name on a Black Helmet that would look pretty cool.