Sign up for Season Tickets cause next year we will be great

I think the Cats are actually bringing in some talented players lately. The ones that can hit and want to make a contribution. I think we all better grab those season tickets quick cause next year were are going to the Cup.

Not without a QB we aren't. I'll wait until I see that we are doing something to remedy the Maas situation before I but into a great team next year. Maas may be OK but not without some changes like a wife that lives in the same city and months of counseling to help him focus his energy. If I don't read that both have happened I am very down on his chances of success

Turbo do you think that having your best offensive players in a game is important ??

Do you think having an offensive line that has been playing together for the whole season learning different and more technical blocking schemes rather than just the basic blocks is important ??

Do you think losing ANOTHER DB in the beggining of the game and then having to put a DB at corner is a hinderance that would make it difficult to cover the CFLS best group of recievers ?? Just wondering your thoughts ??

This is funny, I heard the exact same thing last year - all these exciting players coming in, going to be a great season.
Also heard the same thing two years ago.

I think that having the best players on the field helps and seriously I think that Flick was missed while Holmes was not. That has little to do with Maas' ability to throw a pass within catching range tho.

The O-line has looked fairly good lately and again has nothing to do with Maas not being able to throw with accuracy. We need better line play but that is largely due to the fact that Maas cannot throw deep and the opposition can jam the line without fear.

The defense was NOT the problem at all today. They played well enough to win given ANY kind of support and rest

I agree with you Turbo,the o-line is looking good the problem is we have a Q.B. that cant throw down field to open receivers.
If we are relying on 1 receiver to win us games we have big problems.

I agree with this quote, but i don't see a change
in starting QB for the cats for a while, because
the new head coach next year will want to evaluate
MAAS first before he makes any changes. :thdn:

Maas cant throw deep ?? Well that just isnt true . And a good O line is probably the most important spot on a team and to say it isnt, is just foolish . Ryan Donnelly is a bench player on any other team and he is starting at Tackle . We have guys playing that have only been here for a matter of weeks not months like BC`s O line . How in the world can you say that our line is not a soft spot in our lineup ?

I get that you dont like Maas as a QB and thats fine , but please dont come on here and say that our line is holding up ok and that Holmes isnt needed in our offence because thats just stupid . He is our best player on offence , how would BC look without Simon ???

Maas’s mistakes are drive killers and team momentum killers. I NEVER like to blame the QB for the loss in a team game but, again and again, it is obvious he is a large part of the problem. He is missing wide open receivers in the flat 6 yds away, and is receiving ample pass protection. Many life long dedicated fans are calling this year’s Cats unwatchable. I really do not believe he gives us the best chance to win, this year or next.

i think the seasons ticket drive will be difficult given the QB situation