sign, trade,

Sign Almondo Curry, Trade for John Grace, Try to sign Cory Holmes(but why would he want to?), try to get the rights to Casey Printers, hopefully Jesse will sign here, Trade Josh Ranek(too bad he's now injured), what else...shouldn't have gotten rid of Bobby Brooks, Kwame Kavil, Donnavan Carter, Chris Brazzell.
oh Ron Lancaster can't communicate with his players. Do you see him when Maas does something wrong...he just stands there fuming instead of trying to talk to him and boost his confidence. Good thing he's only around for the balance of the season.

well they final have a “real” general manager, so expect changes, but they need printers’ rights first, then re-build the offensive line.

I wouldn't expect us to make any "blockbuster" trades or signings until our final coaching staff for next year is in place and decided on...... and they (whoever ) have a say as to who they need for their systems....

I expect that lateral moves with existing players will be made to end up with respectabilty at seasons end.....then we have seven months to work on the framework...

Silly to put the cart before the horse right now....let's just evaluate and get a solid plan in place for the off-season....steady and quiet as she goes....

just my humble opinion..... :oops:


I hear a Lennox commercial rining in my head..
Only is says " atta boy Mikey" instead of Dave!!

All aboard the good ship Mikey